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Here’s a few things you should know.

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Are drug checkpoints legal?
No. Drug checkpoints are a trap! The Supreme Court has ruled that random checkpoints for the purpose of finding illegal drugs are unconstitutional. However, police sometimes put up signs warning drivers of up-coming drug checkpoints and instead pull over people who make illegal u-turns or discard contraband out the window. If you see a sign saying “Drug Checkpoint Ahead”, just keep driving and don’t panic. If there’s a rest area following the sign, DO NOT pull into it. If you do, you’ll find yourself surrounded by drug-sniffing dogs.

Police departments, especially in the Mid-west, have been pushing their luck with this tactic, so if you encounter anything resembling an actual drug checkpoint, please contact that state’s ACLU Chapter. Similarly, if you’re arrested as a result of a real or fake “drug checkpoint”, you must contact an attorney to explore your legal options.


What are my rights at sobriety checkpoints?
Sobriety checkpoints — also known as DUI checkpoints — are the most common roadblocks you might encounter. They function as a general purpose investigatory tactic where police can get a close look at passing motorists by detaining them briefly. A roadblock stop is quick, but it gives police a chance to check tags and licenses, while also giving officers a quick whiff of the driver’s breath and a chance to peer into the vehicle for a moment.

Remember that your constitutional rights still apply in a roadblock situation. Though police are permitted to stop you briefly, they may not search you or your car unless they have probable cause or you agree to the search. Keep in mind that if you’re driving under the influence, your constitutional rights provide very little protection in this situation.

Since the Supreme Court’s ruling in Illinois v. Caballes police have more leeway to use drug-sniffing dogs in roadblock situations. There’s no need to waive your rights simply because dogs are present. But be advised that your legal options are limited if you’re arrested as a result of a dog sniff during a roadblock.

Also keep in mind that police closely monitor cars approaching the roadblock. So you’re not likely to have any success trying to evade it.

Sobriety checkpoints are generally permitted by the courts, but only if conducted properly. If you’re arrested at a police roadblock always consult an attorney before confessing or agreeing to a plea bargain. There might be some legal options that your lawyer can pursue.


When are police allowed to frisk me?
If they have reasonable suspicion to detain you, police may conduct a pat down (frisk) of the outside of your clothing to check for weapons, but only if they have a basis for suspecting you’re armed.

If they feel a hard item that might be a weapon, police may reach into your pockets. Sometimes officers reach into suspects’ pockets looking for drugs even if they don’t feel a weapon. This is common, but it’s illegal.

Police may ask you to reveal the contents of your pockets. Just like other search requests, you have the right to refuse.


What if police threaten to call the dogs?
Your rights do not disappear if the officer threatens to call in the dogs, so don’t let this all-too-common tactic intimidate you into consenting to search requests.

Usually, the officer won’t have a police dog on hand and he needs reasonable suspicion to detain you while waiting for the K-9 unit. Before the dogs arrive, you have the right to determine if you can leave by asking “Officer, am I free to go?” If the officer refuses and detains you until the dogs come, you have the right to remain silent and refuse to consent to any searches.

If a K-9 unit arrives, you have the right the right to refuse to consent to a dog sniff, even if the officer claims you have to. Be aware that unlocking your car at the officer’s request or handing the officer your keys is the same as consenting to a search. You always have the right to refuse by stating “Officer, I don’t consent to any searches.” Repeat, if necessary.

If a judge determines that officer had no justification to detain you until the dog arrived, any evidence discovered by the dog can be thrown out in court


When are police allowed to search my home?
The Supreme Court has ruled that the home is entitled to maximum protection from police searches and seizures. Specifically, the court has ruled that even if police have probable cause to believe that something illegal is going on inside your home, the 4th Amendment requires them to get a signed warrant from a judge to legally enter and search. The major exception to the search warrant requirement is where consent is given to an officer’s request to enter. If, for example, an officer is legally invited into your home, any illegal items that are out in the open — or in “plain view” — can be seized as evidence, which can lead to an arrest. That being the case, it’s always wise to keep any private items that you don’t want others to see out of view of your entrance area.

As is often the case, a naïve friend, family member, or roommate may invite police into your home. So they too should be aware of their right to refuse police entry.

The other less frequently invoked exception to the warrant requirement falls under the category of emergency — or exigent — circumstances where there’s immediate danger. For example, if police enter your home in pursuit of a violent criminal suspect, any illegal items in plain view many be seized as evidence.

When do I have to show police my ID?
This is a tricky issue. As a general principle, citizens who are minding their own business are not obligated to “show their papers” to police. In fact, there is no law requiring citizens to carry identification of any kind.

Nonetheless, carrying an ID is generally required if you’re driving a vehicle or a passenger on a commercial airline. These requirements have been upheld on the premise that individuals who prefer not to carry ID can choose not to drive or fly.

From here, ID laws only get more complicated. In Hiibel v. Sixth Judicial District Court of Nevada, the Supreme Court upheld state laws requiring citizens to disclose their identity to police when officers have reasonable suspicion to believe criminal activity may be taking place. Commonly known as “stop-and-identify” statutes, these laws permit police to arrest criminal suspects who refuse to identify themselves.

As of 2008, 24 states had stop-and-identify laws. Regardless of your state’s law, keep in mind that police can never compel you to identify yourself without reasonable suspicion to believe you’re involved in criminal activity.

But how can you tell if an officer asking you to identify yourself has reasonable suspicion? Remember, police need reasonable suspicion to detain you. One way to tell if they have reasonable suspicion is to determine if you’re free to go. You could do this by saying “Excuse me officer. Are you detaining me, or am I free to go?” If the officer says you’re free to go, leave immediately and refrain from answering any additional questions.

If you’re detained, you’ll have to decide whether withholding your identity is worth the possibility of arrest or a prolonged detention. In cases of mistaken identity, revealing who you are might help to resolve the situation quickly. On the other hand, if you’re on parole in California, for example, revealing your identity could lead to a legal search. Knowing your state’s laws can help you make the best choice.

Keep in mind that the officer’s decision to detain you will not always hold up in court. Reasonable suspicion is a vague evidentiary standard, which lends itself to mistakes on the officer’s part. If you’re searched or arrested following an officer’s ID request, always contact an attorney to discuss the incident and explore your legal options.


Do undercover police have to reveal their identity when asked?
No. It’s commonly believed that undercover police have to reveal their identity when asked. This is false. Police are allowed to lie in order to make arrests.

Undercover officers in particular are very skilled at manipulating suspects and concocting clever stories to conceal that they are police. Note that police can also use drugs and do other things you wouldn’t expect a cop to do.

There’s no trick for finding out if someone is an undercover officer. If you’re concerned about this, just be careful around people you don’t know and reconsider any activities that are making you nervous. The one thing all undercover cops have in common is that they want people to commit crimes. Avoid anyone who pressures you to do something illegal.


What are the rights of passengers during a traffic stop?
Traffic stops typically occur as a result of suspected moving violations committed by the driver of the vehicle. Passengers cannot be held responsible for the driver’s conduct and are generally free to leave, unless police become suspicious of them during the course of the stop.

Unfortunately, this happens frequently and the amount of evidence required to detain passengers is minimal. For this reason, passengers must remember to refuse search requests and refrain from answering questions without an attorney present. Police who suspect criminal activity will often separate the occupants of an automobile and question them separately. If their stories differ, this could lead officers to claim that they have probable cause to prolong the detention or conduct a search.

As with any other brief detention, the best way to handle this situation is to determine if you can leave by asking “Officer, are you detaining me, or am I free to go?”


If police have a search warrant, do they have to show it to me?
No. The Supreme Court has never ruled that police must present the search warrant when performing a search.

The purpose of the warrant is to establish legal authority to conduct the search and create a paper trail in case the search is challenged. Since executing a search warrant is considered a high-risk activity for police, officers are permitted to enter quickly and forcefully. If you have doubts about the legality of a search warrant issued against you or your property, you’ll need to discuss the matter with your attorney.

Remember that police don’t need consent to search if they have a warrant. But if officers ask for consent to search, you always have the right to refuse even if they claim that they have a warrant or that they can easily get one.


What if police say they smell marijuana?
This is a tough situation. Smelling marijuana does give police probable cause to search your car. For this reason, police are quick to claim that they smell something and sometimes they might even lie about it. All you can really do is say, “Officer, I have nothing to hide, but I don’t consent to any searches.” If they search you anyway and something is found, you’ll need an attorney to help you fight the charges.

Unfortunately, police sometimes use tricks like this to circumvent your constitutional rights and there’s no perfect way to handle the situation. Of course, they are most likely to do this if they are suspicious of you for some reason, so do your best to stay calm. In many cases, the officer will mention marijuana just to see how you react. If you appear nervous, the officer’s suspicions will escalate.

Police often think they can tell by looking at you whether you’re a “pothead,” so be extra careful if there’s anything about your appearance that might draw their attention. How you dress and what kind of vehicle you drive is a personal choice, but police definitely look out for certain “stoner” stereotypes. If your look makes you stick out, you should think carefully about what items to keep in the car with you.

Finally, never smoke marijuana in or around your car. At Flex Your Rights, they hear many stories from people who’ve been arrested, and smoking marijuana in public places like vehicles is the #1 cause of avoidable arrests.


What if I refuse, but police search me anyway?
Unfortunately police sometimes search you even if you refuse consent. If they find anything illegal and you’re arrested, you’ll have to get a lawyer and fight it out in court.

If the officer convinces the judge that there was probable cause to search without your consent, then the evidence will be admissible in court. If your lawyer convinces the judge that there was no probable cause, then the evidence will be thrown out and your charges will be dismissed.

Every case is unique, so it’s hard for us to tell you how good your chances are in your particular case. Your attorney should be able to tell you what to expect from the judges in your area.

If you’re searched illegally and nothing is found, you may consider taking legal action or at least filing a complaint. Local attorneys, as well as your local ACLU and NAACP chapters may be able to help you.


What are my rights with private security guards?
Be aware that private security personnel outnumber police officers in the United States by three to one. As a result, you may be more likely to be confronted by a security guard than by a police officer.

Private security personnel have a right to search you as a condition of entry into private property, for example. It is up to the individual to decide if a search is worth the price of admission. As long as you are free to walk away, the security personnel do not pose a threat to your constitutional rights.

Keep in mind that a security guard can turn illegal drugs over to a police officer. In such a case, the contraband could be legally used against you in court. And at the present time, the Fourth Amendment does not apply to searches carried out by non-governmental employees like private security guards.


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  1. I have a question. if a driver gets pulled over and detained. do the passengers have to get out of the auto if the officer wants to do a air sniff test with dogs?

      • They have been making crime for years in Georgia.The police that is .manufacturing of getting rich from it. Going on since beginning of time .after all it was government who killed Jesus Christ. Satin runs government this is satins system.god said we couldn’t govern ourselves. God has nothing to do with This system of things God was right look what a mess mankind has made of everything .

  2. This is informative but dose not help. They illegally search you, they reject your application for dismissal of evidence based on the 4th amendment rights violation and being detained without probable cause. Then you’ve paid the attorney and court fees. You were better off to just take a plea. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? I can testify first hand that America isn’t free anymore and your guilty until you have enough money to buy innocence. Sad but true, this is what capitalism has done to the people who were supposed to be protecting us.

    • It does help if you remember to never answer any questions, decline with respect. You are never under any obligation to talk to police. If they instigate a search clearly advise them you do not consent. If you are arrested for any reason as a result of an unauthorized search and have kept silent then officer in court must supply legitimate reasons. If he cannot and he has nothing from your mouth to go on it will be dropped. One can represent themselves. If the charge is dropped then seek an attorney and start a lawsuit.
      Too many people fall into that way of thinking that cops do what they want so they start talking to the cop. Never ever talk except to refuse searches.

    • Never agree to a plea bargain they are no bargain at all you have a right to trial by jury use it.

      • Ya no… trial by jury SUCKS. I got pulled over for ‘speeding’ never sped a day in my life! I took this bleep to the judge and the Judge fired his arse the second SECOND time he gave me a speeding ticket. I have been hounded by CHP ever since I was doing 55 in a 65 zone got pulled over and given a ticket for doing 85 in a construction zone driving without a license/insurance/registration all BS. I had to go to curt for 5 MONTHS ‘speedy trial’ my ASS! I still had to pay the court fees that amounted to 2200 and pay to get my car out of impound on top of it! the patrolman got a slap on the wrist “don’t do this again” by the judge… I mean WTF?!? And I am STILL being hounded by these twats! every time I drive MY OWN VEHICLE I get pulled over EVERY time but if I borrow a friends… parents siblings… nothing ever… I am sick of how corrupt the system is it is BS through and through

      • Not true. I plead my self out of 60days, and 5 very nasty misdemeanors, left with only a innocent looking misdemeanor. A jury costs $7,500… best lawyer in town who knows people and coerce the DA to a bargain $5,000. Which is better $12,500 or 5,000?

        • This is called difference in Paid attorney or court appointed even if you have that choice which in some states Misdemeanors do not

      • For real fuc, a plea no matter what they say your gonna get what the judge wants you to da and everybody just say what they think is best but the judge has the power best thing to do say no I won’t answer anything stay silent no matter what they tell you,they will try to break you record everything if they plant anything rule number 1 don’t get caught riding dirty

    • Taking a plea, particularly in a shady or corrupt local system, carries its’ own risks. These things can pile up, or crop up after any amount of time, and aggravate some unrelated circumstance. If you can afford it, fight it.

    • You are wrong to blame capitalism for this. Corruption and abuse of power are to blame. Do you believe that your individual liberty will be better respected in a communist country? China perhaps?

      • Great point Tim. We do live in the greatest country in the world…. unfortunately the crooks are in charge. More people in prison for victimless crime. I live in the most corrupt city in the US. It’s in Indiana, you can look it up online. They still lock u up over possession of a joint. The ten percent of the elite in the US controls the entire world. The real issue is why we, 90 percent. Of Americans put up with this shit. It’s no secret our news is a biased joke. A smoke screen for the elite to screw us. Look at the property seizure laws, recently it was challenged and but didn’t change, when it comes to any form of power, money included….there will always be corruption.

        • I’m gonna guess – also as Hoosier with some experience with our Draconian marijuana laws – that you’re from Gary or maybe that it is now 2018- Indy.
          We are in the process of moving to a blue state (or at least a purple one 🙂 because it’s just ridiculous in every way.
          But strange enough, I can say my perspective has been challenged a little since I was absolutely blown away with my encounter with a the Sheriff’s K-9 and top Drug Deputy and my sweet Mary J.
          To my disbelief, when he approached us in our driveway about a hit and run he was sent to investigate on behalf of other county that my car was supposedly involved in that night (it wasn’t), he asked about the “strong odor of MJ” from my car that was parked on my private property and
          cooperated because he said he never saw me smoking and never saw me driving and that if I were to willingly cooperate and let him search the car so he can clear up the possibility that I wasn’t under the influence when supposed accident occurred.

          Yes, I was clearly hesitant to be upfront with him but also realized he was gonna search my car regardless and I knew there was nothing other than marijuana in there and that he had his dog so if he really wanted to be a duck he could’ve easily got him out. So I complied after he continued to tell me “you gotta trust me; unless you’ve gotta pound of weed in there, I don’t care and won’t take you to jail” but if you don’t don’t tell me, you’ll go. So I told him what it was and where he could find it.
          To my relief, he decided that writing me a summons wasn’t even worth it since I was on my property, I wasn’t driving and I straight up told him the truth from the beginning and really he was only there bc he got a call that my husband was drunk driving and wrecked my car and fled.
          Again, this police officer didn’t find my husband impaired from the beginning and in fact, there was a bottle of Pappy in the back (it was cold and we don’t smoke in the house) that the police officer said made the whole instance moot since there was evidence to support he did drink at home while not driving. And even though in the beginning, he told us he’d “be the one deciding if we were going to jail”, it was clear he found no supporting evidence that he was guilty of anything so he went from jail to summons then to nada. Not even a ticket
          But bc its Indiana , the prosecutor can still go against his investigation and issue a summons to decide if they are going to do anything . So yeah this whole country is a mess on account of such dramatic marijuana laws.

          • so my parents got arrested for marijuana, and i also smoke. but my parents said that the police can drug test me whenever they want, can they? and should i stop?

    • Bottom line if they find something illegal your argument does not matter. Probable cause can only be challenged if they don’t find anything. The only exception is if they say they smell pot and they find something unrelated to drugs. Example you have stolen goods and the search was based on drug suspicion

      • That is absolutely not true…If they frisk you without probable cause, and then search your pockets without feeling some sort of weapon despite you declining the search, then it will get thrown out. There are lots of situations in which it will be thrown out.

        • I was sitting in my car texting and a cop came up to me and said the worker in the store called and said I took item and he wanted to look through my car and everything I bought from several places that was in there I said she is crazy and no he can’t I have done nothing and he told me to get out in a harsh voice I said why and he put a taser to my leg and threatened me o still said what is ur problem so he grabbed me dragged me out cuffed me and I just had rotator cuff surgery two months prior I screamed and said no I had surgery he pulled papers out of my pockets and searched my jean pockets put me in Jos car and brought the manager from store to get in my car and go through it and I said get her out of my car screaming this is not right he had my car towed tore the shit out of it searching found my prescription pills for my shoulder and anxiety tried to get me to confess he was nuts another cop took me over to county jail I sat there two days arm in pain denied my medications as I kept asking and never taking me to court I had bruises on me horrible and that’s the short version Saturday after two days I was told by correction officer she called judge at home and he said I should be released I have no clue why I had to pay a 525 fee to get my car. Back from the city police that pulled me out of car and illegal searches me and they kept some nice property as I had been Christmas shopping alon with all my medicine that was in bottles legal w my name on it so if no charges filed I guess why did I have to pay 525 for car tow which I never authorized andit was parks on public parking lot and took my medicines I paid several hundred for days before and couldn’t get refills for a month embarrass me still it is posted in their city website I was arrested for retail theft pcs and disobey a police officer ?? What the hell still shaming me on Facebook police webpage this is bs I want my property they know nothing and won’t tell me why they went in purse took license pills and won’t give them back either I still don’t know why they got away with this for two days and fear this town as near to my town they will be retaliating because I was released. No bond no judge nothing from county they owe me 525 from the city legally they should be in jail for making me pay that or no car return and holding my license a few nice things they know nothing about ya right and my prescription and how do I know that they won’t try to get charges against me on this on the future I never got a dismissed or not guilty I never had to see a judge I feel raped by the law who stole my stuff and accused me wrongfully they are the thieves

          • That is a terrible story. Do you have any updates on that? Any good news? A happy ending perhaps? I’d like to hear more about this.

      • What if you didn’t steal anything but you set down the school cloths your buying bookbag only one of it’s color but no price tag I put the five pair of children’s pants before I walked out to call and set it up against the rackso no one would put the stuff back on all the pants have tags but in eastern KY I guess that’s hiding something to come back and get. Out in the middle of the parking lot an officer hollar I walk back his hand on his tazer he said go ahead run and I’ll taze you I asked him y would I run and he started to grave me I stepped back and he was actually gonna taze me. I was just about to get him before he got me for no damn reason Ive had 2 heart attacks I wasn’t about to let him kill my ass but I told him I didn’t do anything as he said I was a thief and I told him calmly I don’t steal with debit card in my hand. Just saying yeah I told them what was going on but Mr Walmart sucerity was convinced and helped get me arrested for consiling and charged me with all of it. Then proceeded to tell me my shoes were to clean on the bottom I just had put them on rode to Walmart walked in that’s the first time I’ve wore them told them to call the card ask to let me pay for it like I was coming back to do after my phone call. Nope I’m a lier dope head stealing to trade off with a debit card in my hand not wallet or pocket with 756 dollars on it they banned me from Walmart made sure they humiliated me took my picture and putting it up for all to see. All I do is help people try to keep my anger down thank GOD I held it back my mouth on the other hand kept telling them I’m not a thief no evidence on the cameras I did was or was gonna steal but I got carded off to jail in the land of the free another victom of the over jelous jpd face it it’s there word against ours I haven’t been in trouble in 6 7 years and I have a business I fix houses and build 7 days a week I guarantee If I went back to my old self ah never mind best thing to do if you have ever been in trouble get out of that town shave every day cut your hair often and either blend in or go ghost no foodstamps no government help no checks bank accounts all cash and where your hat hell the law here now you can’t walk on the highway not on the side or anywhere to were they think your gonna escape your town your state something’s going on or I’m just crazy

    • Your 100%right. In Las Vegas Nevada recently won my evidentiary hearing hearing for illegal search and seizure. but every single one of the six police officers perjured themselves repeatedly. There eventually caught in their Web of Lies. So the police say they had probable cause and then he fabricated how can attorney beat that? They can’t really because the judge and the courts simply believe the police officers word as fact. I’ve never met a cop I’ve never been stopped for a traffic ticket or anything else where the cop did not fabricate and lie even on a simple ticket. It’s time for everybody to wear body cams so that we have evidence for our self. also we should have dash cams to record everything. It’s a shame but that’s where we’re at in America. I love the badge but the unions only hire cowardly criminal types for personnel.
      I was blessed big time in court and with a Good attorney. Most people do not have the type of money it takes to fight a case of crooked police. All of the police joined in the corruption immediately without any fuss with each other. I can’t go into all the details on this form but they illegally seized over $350,000 they only reported $120,000 and it took me $40,000 to get that money back from the government. And that’s after they denied the Court’s ruling to return it for 2 years. They threatened my mother-in-law and my wife who have never had anything more serious in a minor traffic ticket in their entire lives with jail if they did not sign consent to search forms after they had already searched.
      we are again blessed with a great attorney and suing the heck out of them right now.

    • It’s not capitalism that’s the problem, it’s neoliberalism\corporatism that have corrupted our leadership by buying them.

    • I agree to the fullest extent. Justice is rarely served in the county I live in. (Barron County,WI) Some attorneys will not even represent someone from my county because, “They have their own laws there.” It is terrible. Peoples lives are ruined because the officials who are suppose to serve justice are the ones who corrupt it!

  3. ^^^That’s why the best answer is to make drugs legal! All the ancillary nonsense goes away. The only downside is right wingers and the Feds will need to find another boogeyman to use to strip away our rights.

    • That is a bogus question that cops use to trick you into a search. Nothing to hide, nothing to fear? I fear giving up my Rights and they cannot argue that.

      • What you should do when you get pulled over is have everything ready your. registration and license and speak with respect keep the same tone in your voice and don’t look scared, they don’t know what you have. and plus if your riding dirty and smoking ur fucking stupid.

    • Well, you would think that there would be no problem if your not breaking the law.The problem is that here in the USA especially in the State of Alabama you can be breaking the law with out even knowing it.You may have the best intentions in the world,you may actually helping a person in need but yet you broke some law in the process and didt even know it.For what ever reason, if the police dont like the way you look, talk , or smell they will just make up some bogus charge.I have met people in jail that are waiting to go before the judge in order to answer for charges that are not even on the books.In Alabama the way it works is that all the police have to do is make up something and word it correctly.As long as the officer is articulate enough to word the charge(s) in a way the half way sounds like something that should be illegal your gonna have to pay for it.Americans have become so lazy and dependent on the government, most people dont even care that the gov’t/police are intentionally going out of its way to make life as hard on someone as humanly possible.For instance, this morning I went to the Dept of Public Safety/Transportation to get just a State issued ID car.I couldn’t even get a simple non-drivers license State ID because I got a ticket from a state trooper 3 or 4 years ago for not wearing a seat belt.I payed the God Damned 25$ ticket years ago and figured that was that, end of story,period the end.Oh no!! I should have known that dealing with any level of Government in the State of Alabama was going to be complicated than doing what I was told to do by just paying the ticket.That would make sense, so AL aint gonna have that!They told me that I had a warrant and that I was lucky that they didn’t have a trooper available at that time or i would have been arrested and taken to jail until the next time they have court.They said I payed the 25$ fine,they had a record of me paying in their computer,but………….there is always a but when dealing with these assclowns, but……….They say I never payed the 68$ fee that was added to the 25$ fine for court cost.I have never gotten a ticket where the court cost is more than the fine, let alone more than double what the actual fine cost.I just found out this morning that if you owe the State ANY amount of money, even if you owe 1 cent, they will NOT let you get any form of ID.I can understand them giving me a hard time If I were trying to get a new DL while I have a warrant for an unpaid ticket.Even though that too is a little bit ridiculous for a 4 years old debt of 68$, I can live with not being able to re-new a Drivers License until I pay off the 68$, but to deny someone a regular ass State ID card because of a traffic ticket is just a crock of shit!! what the hell does my driving record have to do with getting an ID.I can’t even get a job, even the shittiest jobs require you to provide your employer with some form of gov’t issued ID.How am I supposed to pay off the ticket in order to get the warrant rescinded if I can’t get a job.How can I get a legit job if I can’t get an ID card.When I asked to DMV supervisor if he could provide me with a copy of the law that stipulates one cannot get any form of state issued ID if you owe money for a traffic ticket,I was told that they do not have to answer to me and that should go about my business before they changed their minds and have me detained until I have to go before the judge.The supervisor really didn’t like it when I told him that yes,in fact they do have to answer to me when i request a copy of a statute under the freedom of information act and that by denying me such information is a violation of the law.If the gov’t is going to hold me accountable law,code,regulation,statute,policy I too will hold the Gov’t accountable for following the law.I respectfully informed the man that violating the freedom of information act is grounds for legal action.I, along with every other US citizen have certain unalienable rights endowed(given) to every citizen by their creator(basically, these rights are given to everyone by God{or what/who ever someone believes/calls their creator}and not given to the people by the government)These rights include Life,Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.I told the supervisor that denying me identification directly affects my ability to obtain employment.By denying my ability to obtain employment the Dept of Public Saftey/Transportation has overstepped it authority.I told him that the DPS/ALDOT doesn’t have the right/authority to deny my ability to obtain employment and by doing so he is subject to legal action or violating my ivil rights, specifically my right to pursue happiness and my right to liberty.I understand that no law can be passed that could guarantee the people the right to be happy,such a law would be ludicrous.When respected by the Government and a countries citizens the God given right for one to pursue their happiness makes perfect sense, can be guaranteed by the Constitution, and protected by law.In order for me to be able to exercise my right to pursue my happiness ,which was endowed to every US citizen by their creator,obtaining employment or at the very least seeking employment is a necessary step in the process of me pursuing my happiness.The requirements for one to be happy varies from one individual to another.Only a few requirements must be met for me to be happy.They are as follows……………….A relationship with God(my creator),I must have a source of income weather that income be cash money or goods acquired from bartering, start my own family(family consist of a wife and children,last but not the least the ability to provide for, protect, love, and to do what ever is possible to make my wife happy and her to be able to exercise her rights equally.To me, those are very basic requirements for me to be happy.When the Gov’t oversteps its authority and denies me the tools/abilities to pursue ANY of those basic requirements for me to be happy is when I have a problem.The American people and the Police especially, do not seem to realize or they simply just do not care that the rights guaranteed/protected by the Constitution(which is the supreme law of the land and supersedes and state,local law, and or county/city ordinance)are laws too.It is the job of the police to enforce the law.Law enforcement and our courts have this mentality that they are responsible for only enforcing the laws that provide revenue for the Nation,State,County, and city governments.They pick and choose what laws they want to enforce, by doing so they inadvertently restrict the liberties/rights guaranteed to the citizens by default.Thomas Jefferson said,”Every time a new law is passed it takes away the personal liberties of someone.” Our Government has gotten out of control.With every election,passing of new laws, and complacent behavior of every new generation we get closer and closer to a communist,oppressive, tyrantical,over bearing,rouge, made up of the “elitist” entitlement mentality thinking,nanny& police state,socialist,over paid, corrupt,non-accountable,above the law believing, and I’ll do what I wan,t because I can, and just simply fucked up non functioning form of government.Our gov’t rules/operates behind this facade we have been taught to call freedom.Sure there are worse countries out there.As bad as we might think we have it here, there is always a country who’s people survive with far far less than most Americans used to having.While I feel empathy for these people, I hate it for them.I aint our problem.They are poor and live like that because they allow their govt to rule them with an iron fist.Before we can worry about the problems other people i other parts of the world face, we need to stop kidding ourselves and take care of our own domestic problems faced by impoverished Americans on a daily basis.This country started from shit.When our forefathers came to this land for the first time, hey didn’t have a pot to piss in. Facing impossible odds and with out having that pot to piss in we flourished.The people of Colonial America united together against a common enemy, sharing a common goal, and fought one of the most seasoned combat hardened well trained armies in the world at that time in history.Those people accomplished the unthinkable and paved the way for what at one time was the greatest and most powerful nations in human history.Those men and women had one thing that I truly believe the average American today is lacking.For lack of a better phrase,”they had a huge set of stainless steel!” They were tired of being oppressed, taken advantage of, taxed to death, and pretty much shit on by the monarchy of the British. They had a belief that there had to be a better way of life,people should be free, and the government should fear the people not the people fearing the gov’t. Once the colonist of early America had enough they did something that I think would damned near impossible for people today to do.They held firm in their beliefs, came together from about as diverse a group of people from all walks of life to have ever existed up until that point in time.They didn’t compromise, they didn’t give in, they stuck to what they believed in to the point they were willing to give their life(and many of them did just that,or else we wouldn’t be here today.Well,most of us would be British if we hadn’t have put up such a good fight.) so that their children ,grand children,and grandchildren’s grandchildren could have a better way of life.They didn’t get scared when the Brits threatened to imprison,execute, or even burn their homes to the ground for rebeling when the British would impose an unfair tax, law, or martial law.They said “Fuck you and the horse you road in on.”The people rebeled,banded together, formed militia, and even formed/started a republic form of government(Continental Congress) despite being under the authority of the Crown of England.People today have been brainwashed into thinking they are special and to be an individual.That is all fine and dandy,people should feel confident in themselves,have the ability to think on their own, and voice their own personal opinions.Nothing wrong woth that at all,that is what America is supposed to be all about.The problem is that we have shifted from a healthy and prosperous way of thinking of personal freedoms and what it means to be an individual to a way of degenerate, selfish, argumentative, self centered way of thinking when it comes to individuality.We have become comfortable with our beer, monday night football,big huge SUVs used for some soccer mom to haul around her little accessory shit eating ankle biting “dog”.We let our gov’t do what ever it wants to the constitution, our personal liberties,our freedom as a nation as a whole, and we don’t hold them accountable for shit!!They take one freedom at a time,with just enough time in between taking our rights to allow us to get used to the new “law” using media induced fear and mass hysteria as one of the many tactics our government uses to scare the general public into thinking that terrorist are going to take over the world if we do not pass this new law.Sure you’ll have to give up a little privacy,personal liberty, or your first born, but thats the small price we must pay for freedom.Bullshit!!Callme crazy,call me what ever you want, but keep on sleeping.Weather you like it or not one day you’ll be forced to wake up and by that time it may be too late for you.I for one am not a sheep,im not gonna follow you to the slaughter house just because most people are too scared of being labeled something negative or being scared someone might get offended for standing up for yourself and saying,”NO!!”I sure wish all the people I hear sitting around bitching about the way things are and how it was way better back in the day would shut up bitching and do something.Action speak louder than words.Anyone can say anything, but it takes a real man or woman stand up for what they say they believe in and do something about it.If we want this country to remain the greatest nation in the world we must UNITE,we must stop worring about the petty bullshit differences we have.If we want change Obama or any other government official aint gonna give it to us.As great a President many people believe Obama to be,he is still human.He is still a politician.He doesn’t give two shits about what happens to any one of us.As long as he gets his”entitlements” off the hard working backs of the public he is happy.Take those things from him and every other politician and i promise they wont be as righteous as they act on CNN.Remember people this is OUR country,not the government.The government would not exist if it were not for the people of this country,the people are going to exist and prosper no matter if the gov’t is hear or not.This is our Nation!! We DO have the authority as US citizens o tell the gov’t NO!!Stand up for your rights folks.I promise you one thing,if we do not use what rights we have left,we will loose those rights with out a doubt.When that happens we have no one to blame but our selves for allowing the govt to make “sheepeople” out of us and not putting our feet down when they have gone too far.If your not a part of the solution,your part of the problem.WE DO HAVE A VOICE AMERICA,USE IT!!!!!!

      • I’m with you, man! Keep speaking out, and be heard. Your message is fundamental, but falling out of grace. The people of this great nation need to be reminded of the basics.
        Obama has everyone so brainwashed (forever bought and paid for with a $600 stimulus check) that we’ve now allowed govt to gain control of our health & well being.
        It won’t be long before we’re in a state of martial law and kept under the govt’s thumb by force.
        We have fallen right into their evil plan. Our unalienable rights must be remembered, enforced and upheld!

        • You need to stop smoking illegal drugs blaming President OBama. That’s why Trump is such a Danger to US, he talks of being a One Man government, I bet you want him. Cops are allowed to much liberty to do what they want without punishment. I think you need to move to Russia so you can understand that what you’re talking about is stupid.

        • There is also something called being me at the wrong place at the wrong time. I’ve never been in trouble in my whole life ever never had a speeding ticket never I’ve never had the cops called on me never I’ve never even been in a courtroom never. I was just helping somebody I thought I was helping somebody that I had known in the past but why I have learned a lot and I’ve learned my lesson you can’t be nice to anybody anymore!!

          • You are so right on so many levels. They wonder why so many people have bad things to say about men in blue, first they are the crookedest people I have ever seen. Someone goes to prison and does their time, with the understanding 3 different counties are combined, gets out on parole, then is a passenger in a traffic stop, they start pulling up old charges that he did his time for but are now trying to say he didn’t. All Bullshit. The Lauderdale county and Colbert county Alabama can go to Hell.

      • PREACH ON BRUTHA!! For real. American government SUX!!!! I can’t stand it. And, yes, I’m going to leave. No worries. Soon as I finish stackin a little more paper.

      • I just read everything you wrote and I agree with you 150 percent. I have to say this you definitely “fucken nailed it”.

    • the problem with that logic is ..what if you had a friend or friends in your car a few days before you were pulled over and someone accidently dropped a bud on your floor board or even worse a baggie with residue in it without your knowledge and you having nothing to hide consent to a search . the police find it, do you honestly think they will believe you when you say that’s not mine. NO you will have consented to a whole heap of trouble which could have been avoided if you just exercised

        • Quick!! Look up!! Did you see that thing flying right over your head?? That was the point and you just missed it. Thats ok though, I was able to snap a photo of it going over your head so I could make sure you get it this time. So, forget having a friend who leaves weed and baggies in your car. Instead, this time lets pretend that you just bought a beautiful, certified pre-owned, 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe. The original owner, (lets call him “scooby doo” for this story) only put 10K miles on the car in the 11 months that he owned and operated the vehicle. Now let’s pretend the original owner of the vehicle regularly uses recreational drugs. Lets also pretend that Scooby-Doo admitted to someone else that he lost drugs in between the seat and the center console more times that he could recall. Knowing how many time Scooby-Doo lost his dope under the drivers seat, would you still be comfortable letting a cop search the Tahoe if you were pulled over driving home from the dealership? What if ONE tiny little ecstasy pill was left under the front, passenger seat without being noticed? Since you “have nothing to hide,” you consent to a search of your vehicle, and cops know all the best nooks and crannies in a vehicle that can be used to conceal a controlled substance; as well as the places where things might fall (namely under the vehicle’s seats) and be difficult to locate and/or recover. Since the cop knows where to look if he wants to find contraband, the cop does find a small bud of weed that you thought was just a leaf! Ten minutes later the cop finds 2 ecstasy pills underneath the seat rails that allow you to move your seat closer/farther from the steering wheel. Go directly to jail! Do not pass go! Do not collect $200! Go directly to jail! Sure its unlikely, but not impossible. My best friends little brother had his best buddy spend the night at their house and the best buddy stole my best friends car to go buy some weed while she was asleep. He ended up leaving the baggie under her seat, and it sat there for 2 months until my best friend consented to a search (because she had nothing to hide) and the cop found it and arrested her for possession. So it does happen more than you might think. Don’t be a fool and forfeit your rights because you THINK you have nothing to hide. In reality, you can’t determine whether or not you have something to hide when you have no way to know what is being sought out in the first place, right?

      • Exactly!! I got to sit in the back of a cruiser and watch two cops go thru my truck then bring me to it and act like I’ve gotta sign this paper for consent to search.. I am still scared something else besides the mysterious knife I found in my truck is going to be somewhere I haven’t checked!

    • You are joking, right? If not, are you A. A cowardly sufferer of abuses of any kind of our constitutional rights? B. A believer in fascism? C. So extremely ignorant that you believe only the guilty are ever swept up in the gross injustices of our extremely flawed system, & completely ignorant as well regarding the cost of exonerating onesself, if successful at doing so? D. So despicable bigoted & racist & classist, that you refuse to acknowledge the obviously rampant bigotry, racism, classism, & other undeniable injustices present in our system? E. So utterly bereft of any morality whatsoever, so downright evil & despicable in basic nature, that you actually support the modern day holocaust known as the War on Drugs? Despite what has resulted from it, & the clearly racist, mass corruption causing, corruptly economically based & justified, private prison industrial complex & all the associated horrors driven, as well as multiple other, evilly pursued & prioritized corporate interests driven, civil rights trampling illegitimate excuse, grossly unequally applied, violation of basic human rights that have existed throughout history such as the Right to self medicate in the way most effective, & experiment in order to discover what that is(especially in a country where the majority haven’t even had health coverage within their reach), & even to recreationally or spiritually or for whatever goddamned reason one might please, to benefit onesself through use of mind-expanding substances, etc., etc., etc., evil that’s basically endless, nature of this worse than holocaust? Because why..? You don’t give a F about any of that stuff, or generally care about justice for yourself, your children, or any of your fellow citizens? That would make you quite a piece of irredeemable human dogspit, would it not?
      Let me guess, it’s all of the above, as well as the multitude of other despicable reasons you might take such a position? Right? So let’s see, that makes you an admittedly unamerican, ignorant of an unforgivable number of issues threatening freedom, apathetic, bigoted, racist, classist, unthinking, cowardly cowardly cowardly beyond description, corporate crime ignoring, sick, evil, rotten excuse for a human being, so misguided & backwards you think our modern holocaust is a good thing, freedom hating, basically utterly irredeemable, piece of the worst sort of human excrement that what you’re admitting/claiming? Well, that’s rhetorical, because your statement renders such a conclusion doubtless. Glad you spoke up, there, & exposed your true colors.. I’m sure even your very distant ancestors are utterly humiliated right now that you could possibly be the result of their genetics, & sincerely wish due to the unimaginable shame you create in them, that they could somehow drop dead all over again. No doubt. How you exist, & walk around convinced every day that the illusion that you’re at all okay, is just a wonder, & a sad, pathetic, hope destroying commentary on flawed human nature. Yuck… you’re gross gross gross..just utterly foul & stomach IS turning, as I’m sure are others. I must go shower & meditate on the positive now, or risk puking, & possibly even PTSD. What a hope killing, sobering agent you are..pun intended.

    • The problem is everything is illegal and violates your rights now. Thing is we the people have agreed to and let happen and they keep putting out new laws by the thousands a day(at least it seems) . Almost all of which are violations of the Constitution but it’s in the name of state so it’s ok. Think your not doing anything wrong there’s probably a law you don’t even know your breaking. Remember ignorance of the law is still breaking it, just saying. And if your not doing anything wrong I am glad to her you have no problem being accused, harrassed, and spreading your ass checks to cough after having to shower in front guards to wait on first appearance next day to not even get to plea your innocence before you even think of a chance to be let out. How is that not crimanal and violation off at least 3 or 4 of amendments? You could just be at wrong place at wrong time and fit description or driving color car of crime in the area. It matters because you have a right to privacy and because everything the government wants to make money on and claim law doesn’t make them God to say it is right or wrong. We did. And most of it is only glorified and priveleged opinion that they don’t adhere to anyway. When your privledged or the lawyou don’t have to follow the law to enforce the law. Idk is it just me but doesn’t that make them exactly what they . Nevermind it does as flawed as it is! It’s all wolf and sheep and disguised in the flock. Bad things happen good people vice versa and who is anyone to judge or say? just very well could be start of how it got this way. Sorry think i left law and went to ranting. Opinions we all have some, haha!

  4. The problem, Dan Lawrence, is that there are several facets to be concerned about-not the least of which is that police become used to violating your rights without resistance. This makes protecting your rights unsafe, very often.

    If you’re not doing anything illegal, then why are you under suspicion? Why are you being detained? Searched?

    Not doing anything illegal entitles you-in fact, almost requires you-to maintain the integrity of your civil rights, both for yourself, and every citizen in this country.

    • The other day i was in a parking lot sitting on my bike, getting ready to go home. Right next to meet 2 feet away is my friends car, he opended the door so i could talk to him and i asked him what do you want to do today and then a cop pulls up and the cop is yelling at me to not move!, I do what the cop says but im looking at him like what the fuck! he jumps out of the car from 4-5 feet away and is coming towards me, i say “hello officer, there is nothing going on, what are you doing?” while he is still 3 feet away he says “i smell like marijuan” which i didnt. and he grabs me off of the bike and i say “What are you doin sir, I haven’t done anything wrong, nothing is going on why are you aprehending me? He doesnt’t say anything and as hes pulling me to the squad car he is going through my pockets. “I say sir what are you doing, their was no illegal activity going on, anything you find will not be used in couart. the cop says” shut up you are not a lawyer” He finds weed on me and a hyrdocodine, he then says ” This pill is a felony your going to jail. I spent the night in jail and now i have a felony. i have houu arrest and a curfew. what the fuck did the cop have justification to what he did, im pretty sure that was an illegal search and seizure.

      • You could have gotten the whole case thrown out if you had a lawyer. The officer had absolutely no reason to approach you in the way that he did, or approach you at all for that matter. That in itself is an unreasonable seizure, therefore, any contraband found afterward was the fruit of the poisonous tree and inadmissible in court. Not to mention even if he could somehow justify why he approached you to begin with, and even that he smelled marijuana, he can only frisk you for a weapon and unless you kept your marijuana in a hard case that felt like a gun or a knife he cannot go through your pockets without permission, which you CLEARLY did not give. That is an unreasonable search and any evidence obtained during the search is inadmissable. That shit’s messed up. You got screwed over terribly. What a pompous ass that guy is. I’m so sorry.

        • I was pulling over by the police officer they ask me for my driving license and I give it to them then they said they smell weed I don’t have known weed then they asked me can they search my car so I said no then the police officer said he was going to walk the dog around my car then He pull off and my car a one hour later than that said that find drug and it

    • Well said. I didn’t have the kindness to reply in what’s likely a very constructive manner, even if brutal truth might somehow be for the best of by some unlikely miracle it pierces the fog of someone inclined to think similarly to the “person” to whome we both replied.

  5. Police at a checkpoint have to abide by a predetermined criteria for waving a vehicle in to check with a supervisor present to oversee the process. It is based on vehicle counting such as every 5th car. Random choosing is actually “profiling” which is illegal.

    • Read this, pay special attention to pages 13-30
      Profiling isnt illegal in many states, also isnt profiling if you’re the only person around at the time, and they decide to question you. It still happens, and its a weak defense. Expect to stay there a long time if they have nothing else to do. They are USED to people talking, answering questions, etc, so this will be seen as an attempt to annoy him. He isnt a robot, he will get a little pissed at you for this. Dont give in, suck it up. If you pull the silent treatment, you WILL get fucked with a bit. If its 2:30AM, he could suspect you’d been drinking, he will say “Your vehicle matched the description of a call” and so on. Location, time, and why he THINKS you are there ALL play in to why he stopped you in the first place. Remember to NOT TALK. SHUT UP. Be polite when he asks you questions. Tell him where you’re going if you have to tell him something. He’s probably bored and wants to have a few words BUT they are hardwired to watch, listen, and make arrests and twist words into a confession. Just like a mechanic finding that hidden problem in a car he is fixing, an officer wants to find out of you’ll admit to speeding, having drugs, etc. He wants to be good at HIS job, too.

  6. I’d forgot to mention, your best defense against a drug stop or DUI is to not have drugs on you and to not drink and drive. That $150 cab ride home is expensive, but so is losing your job, having your car impounded, and spending $15000 on a lawyer and still might lose.

    • Don’t forget the ankle bracelet for 30-90 months ($60/mth). This one can be embarrassing at work if you still have one.
      Blowing into a machine 4 times a day and at night when the machine starts alarming off.
      Not being allowed to go outside the house except to work, dui school, and AA (and no you can’t go to the store).
      Suspended, therefore can’t drive for 30 days then restricted which can be ignition interlock device for 6mths to 2yrs. Or it can be restricted to just driving to places as specified above for a bracelet.
      Court fines.
      Possible hard labor on side of the highways with the embarrassing neon yellow jackets.
      And of course MADD panel.
      3 years probation (nothing in your blood over 0.00) and perhaps searches of your properties and car(s).
      California is the founder of MADD… maybe that has something to do with it.

  7. If you have custody of your kids n ur ex doon’t how can they put a protective order on ur husband n list the kids on it when they don’t live in the anywhere and doesn’t have anything to do with the kids n the ex is homeless and if the cops catch someone in ur garage n u don’t know their there how can they arrest u for them being there and charge u with false informing, and invasion of privacy and slap a no contact on u from seeing ur kids

  8. Does private security have the right to search your genitals inside your underwear? Do they have the right to search you inside your trousers? Please respond at your earliest.

  9. I have a question about police officers being called to check on what could have possibly been a suicide. My friend recently tried to commit suicide so when one night no one could get her to answer the phone and she had been sending morbid texts all that day, her mother called the authorities to check on her. Because as they said, they could get there quicker than she could. Once they arrived they saw, in plain view a very small amount of marijuana and an item of paraphernalia. My friend was fine by the way just sleeping, until they took the bowl and weed and said they would be back for a search warrant after they tested what they had confiscated. If anyone could help me figure out what our rights are in this situation it would be greatly appreciated. Why wasn’t she arrested on the spot? They were called for help not to make a bad day worse.

    • Let me start with this is not legal advice, I am not a lawyer. Well its not likely they will get a warrant for some weed, and not knowing where you live I can not say why they didn’t arrest her on the spot, but it does sound like they had everything they needed to enter the apartment lawfully assuming weed is not fully legal in your area. As always your best bet is to consult a lawyer, because no matter how well you know the law a lawyer will know it better and he/she will have access to resources that you will not.

      • Not all lawyers are equal. I would get at least 3 lawyers opinion. They usually give free advise in the beginning to entice your business.

  10. My question pertains to the question about passengers rights say the driver is pulled over and me as a passenger is legally carrying my firearm am I legally obliged to inform the officer even though the driver is the one in question…

    • Let me start with this is not legal advice, I am not a lawyer. In Wisconsin you have to show your photo ID and concealed-carry license to a law enforcement officer upon request. The state recommends you tell the officer you’re carrying concealed and where the weapon is located, keep your hands where the officer can see them, cooperate with the officer and don’t make quick movements. Don’t touch or attempt to touch the weapon unless the officer tells you so. If you’re in your car, don’t leave it unless asked. An officer may temporarily take your weapon but will return it after a traffic stop unless you’re arrested.

      So as long as he don’t talk to you it don’t sound like you have to tell them. Unless they are going to be making a search of the car, in which case be sure to tell them before they start searching. As always your best bet is to consult a lawyer, he will know the law for your area and can give you the best advice.

  11. I had been to a cr at a fast food chain and i tried smoking weed then not knowing next in line was a cop but i washed my hands and my mouth and keep my stuff.. After i got out the C.R on the fast food chain ,while going out i saw the cop then i act normal but the weed smells through the C.R not on me when the cop got in I hurriedly walk fast out turn left at a left side block not so far but so near then while walking some 2 cops told me to stop then i said why ?? They said there partner is going to ask a question… I said no , but when the police who smelled it from the C.R was there he smelled my hand and said you smoke pot while on C.R? i said no And i said you have no warrant of arrest to me with my hands up clean then walking far from them near that block is my school so I was walking I hurriedly entered my school then got to the C.R and clean my self stayed there for 1 hour dispose all my stuff ,In my mind I know they will search me but My QUESTION IS can they arrest me?? I mean tom I’ll go to my school and I am college … I got nothing on me if I go… Can they arrest me?? or Was it those cops are STUPID? letting me get away .. *remember they didn’t see any substance it’s just smell … can that be a evidnce ? Or stupid is they? Thank you please reply

  12. If police do a knock to talk, and the person they are looking for answers the door, and the police snatch him outside, are the police allowed to come in the house and look around without permission?

    • Used to be no they could not enter your home without permission but now there is a section in the patriot act can’t remember the section number though. But it gives police permission to enter and search a residence if the person they are looking for answers the door.

  13. I have a question
    Can private security detain you and prevent you from leaving a building for refusing to be searched?

  14. More people need to practice law even lawyers have to know as well as practice . It is the only way issues or problems will be resolved fairly. If people don’t learn the law and how its applied much will be lost and unfair practice will prevail.

    • I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. In some states yes it is illegal to smoke in a car with kids. Ask a local lawyer to find out if your state is one.

  15. I have a quick question. If the police say they have an arrest warrant, does that give them permission to enter a home if the person in question is not there, or has not been there in weeks? And do I have the right to request to see it before I let them in if I have to? Please respond at your earliest convenience.

    • I’m not a lawyer so take it for what it’s worth. an arrest warrant does not give them the golden key to friends and family you still have the right to refuse entry to your home and honestly you never want them in your home.
      I have a rule of thumb I go by, If you are approached by a officer and he has to ask you for your consent to search your person or if he ask you anything where you have to give them permission then that means they can’t do it without your consent because if they had the right without your permission they would just do it. remember the only time you talk to the police is if you need their help. if you didn’t call them then they are not your friend they are trained to get you talking so that you incriminate yourself. And please if anyone reading this has teens who are driving please teach them what their rights are. cause every time I’m on the road and I see a car pulled over by an officer there is always a young driver sitting on the curb and the cop is head first digging through the car looking for anything to put your teen in the system. even if what they find doesn’t belong to the kid he still will be charged with it. so never ever let them in and never let them search, never talk to them. legally you don’t even have to answer the door. Protect your kids teach them what their rights are and make you their first call as soon as they are pulled over.

      • THUMBS UP TO THAT ADVICE! If only fools would listen? But maybe those visiting this site will be more likely to understand the serious importance of doing exactly what you advised, & doing it today?! Let’s hope even ONE person is saved by doing so!

  16. Can a undercover officer go undercover into a narcotics anonymous meeting and use what is said in the meeting against you in court? I was at a meeting where a undercover was investigating a member and portrayed a addict in a sting for 3 months and befriended her. Then she was arrested for drug possession and sales. The officer found out by going to meetings. Is that legal?

    • I am not a lawyer so do not take this as legal advice. From what i know of cops, yes they can and yes they will do this. For the best advice regarding this please talk to a lawyer.

    • Unfortunately if they’re undercover you don’t know they’re cops and you already let them in… it’s too late. They can do what they want at that point.

  17. This is irresponsible on the officers part. I am currently experiencing this problem and I feel I should be reimbursed. When you give an officer your license they should immediately return it. Now I’m inconvienced at my job cause I need my license to do my job. Who is going to pay me for list wages. Then I go to the prescient file a report them the give me a voucher stating ” Take this to the DMV and your license will be replaced free of charge.That was a bold faced lie because when I presented the form for replacement they insisted that I pay for it.

  18. My question is this I was driving down a country road I had a coyote run out in front of me .I had pulled out my flashlight to get a better look . I had drove down a couple other country roads on my way back home and had my flashlight looking in fields not houses To see if I saw any other coyotes. When I got back into town I had got pulled over by a wildlife fishing game officer. When he came to my vehicle he asked me if I had a gun? I told him no he asked for my ID and the passengers ID. We gave him our information and he asked once again if I had any firearms in my vehicle? I told him no!! He went back to his vehicle with our information within that time another officer pulled up this time it was a officer for the town that we were in. When the wildlife fishing game of Sir came back to the vehicle he asked me again if I had any firearms in the vehicle I said no he told me to get out of the vehicle that he needed to search me. Not knowing my rights and still really not knowing them I got out and he searched me he asked me if there wasn’t anything in my vehicle that I could basically get in trouble for? He also said he was going to search the passenger. The reason he told me he was searching my vehicle is he knew me from being down at The river fishing. He said he knew I carried a gun which I do when I am down there by myself fishing. In my state you are allowed to have open carry. This is the reason he said he is searching my vehicle. When searching my vehicle he did not find no firearms. But he did fine marijuana just a small amount and a bowl. He told the local officer that he could not do nothing with it that he would have to the local officer game me a ticket for Possession. Then the wildlife officer came back and gave me a ticket called spotlighting from a vehicle. My question is since I Did not get a ticket from the local officer except for marijuana do you think that they will take my license for six months? Because of having marijuana in the vehicle. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    • I am not a layer and I do not live in your state, but where I live yes you would lose your license. For the best advice contact a lawyer.

    • I would also call the sheriff and ask if you can get it back immediately and if not ask why and how to get it back.

  19. I’m willing to be that the majority of lawyers, judges, and government officials don’t even know 5% of the US state and federal laws on the books. Yet they are upheld and exploited, by these same people just looking to fill quota. It’s pretty sad, and perhaps its time for a second US revolution. 🙂

    • Per the ACLU videos and advise i would say they do need probable cause. But sometimes they will pick on the smallest most insignificant thing to pull you over (i.e. license plate light out or something in your window blocking partial view) .

  20. Quick arrest facts:

    Fell asleep in chevron parking lot gas station in vehicle for max 5 minutes. Had just left dealer’s house where I had bought some hydrocodones from. 15 to be exact at $3 a pop, I took two before I left his house. Awoke to 3 police cars behind my vehicle and officer asking me to grab my license and reg. And ins. to which I replied. Asked me to get out, I complied, asked if any knives or guns on me I said I do have a Buck folding pocket knife in my back pocket. He asked if he had my permission to take it out from my pocket I said yes, somehow that turned into implying I consented to a full search to which he found the pills. He asked if I had a prescription for them and I told him yes even though I didn’t. I noticed a cop wearing gloves heading into my driver’s side door to which I expressed I did not consent to the search, the arresting officer said they didn’t need my consent and the other cop continued to attempt a search to which I again and loudly vocalized I did not consent to a vehicle search. The arresting officer said he’d bring the dogs down here I told him to go ahead. I was detained in handcuffs while being questioned for 20-30 minutes, fully using the wait time to question me about everything. He would pause for 15-20 second periods which made me think the dogs weren’t available and he was trying to come up with any other probable cause reason to have my vehicle searched. I had asked him multiple times if I’m free to leave or if I am arrested, he pretended to not hear me. He kept asking if I sell them or take them for personal use. He was rewording his questions in a leading manner and had asked “so how much do you sell each pill for?) I was going to respond in a emotionally upset and denying manner but I just stayed quiet and looked away. He snapped his fingers in my face and said don’t look over there look at me, making me feel like refusing to talk was not an option.
    Now I was detained because I looked under the influence, and found to have 13 pills on me without a prescription, I chose to b quiet because the question wasn’t a yes or no, and I believed he was going to get me to provide contractive statements and since I was just awoken and inebriated I didn’t want to chance it.
    It became clear that no dogs were coming, they didn’t know I knew that but after about 40-45 minutes of being detained he suddenly was asking me about my cell phone and how to break the lock pattern to enter the phone. I at first wouldn’t give it but it course he convinced me he would be lenient possibly let me go and I eventually told them how to get into it, his buddy cop was looking through it for about 5 minutes while the a/o kept asking me we’re not going to find anything on there that would make me believe you sell these are we? I told him no, then about another 2 or 3 min passed and his buddy gave him a thumbs up to which I was formally then placed under arrest, not read Miranda, just yanked around and pushed into police car backseat while Iwatched about 5 cops searching thru my vehicle and a trainee observing.
    Taken to station, submitted urine sample, never given a phone call option, then read Miranda rights and he began interrogating me. Looking for an admission on being a dealer. I just remember a lot of waiting and then 3 hours later taken to county jail. 18hrs later I was able to post bail thru a bondsman at $25,000 so I had to drop $2,500 right then, my entire savings, I was given my charges report before I was released and hes got me on misdemeanor under the influence of controlled substance and then multiple felonies like possession of a cntrl. Substance which is true, then he’s got felony possession of a controlled substance for sales, which is the entire reason I had such a high bail, fucker also threw on a felony possession of an illegal switchblade knife….referencing a spring-assisted knife I bought legally at walmart in no way appearing to look like a switchblade knife. He even told me that the d.a. would drop that charge anyway yet still charged me with it.
    D.A. has offered me 120 days jail time. I have no prior arrests ever no record, I’m 28 an active member of society I just illegally purchased pain pills for a nagging injury I’ve had for years that yeah most likely I’m addicted to the euphoria that comes with it.
    My question is, one, was this an illegal search and seizure since the dogs never came? The phone wasn’t mentioned in the police report at all, also the entire non consent I expressed and his answers were never mentioned in report either, so was this illegal then? I mean he woke me up and he said I had a blank stare and was really sluggish, but isn’t that how everyone wakes up? Not really enough for him to say he suspected I was under influence since there was nothing in sight, no alcohol or weed smell, my pupils weren’t dilated, I just allowed him to perform his field tests and search my pockets by allowing him to grab knife.
    Secondly HOW DO I PROVE I DID NOT HAVE THEM FOR PURPOSES OF SELLING THEM? I mean I had 13….what the hell am I going to do with that? I had only $31 on me, there are no text messages listed as evidence , there is a bogus confession quoted in his report that I know is worded falsely making it look like I admitted to dealing. He was asking me how much do you pay per pill? I told him between $3-$4. That info was twisted into saying I sell each one for $3-$4. I mean who the hell would admit that after being read Miranda in an interrogation cell? Much less from someone who invoked his 4th amendment rights prior so obviously having some basic knowledge of the law and police arresting limitations and my rights involved. Also the snapping the fingers in my face the way he did, is that unncessary and possibly violating my 5th amendment rights?
    My public defender said its my word against his as far as having them for sales, he said the 120 days is a good deal to accept and if I don’t and it goes to trial and jury decides guilty I could be easily looking at 18mo-36mo, 18minimum. So ya this is some real shit, 120 days is not a good deal at all, I have a job, child visitation rights, bi weekly Dr appointments relating to a claim evaluation determination, car payments, rent, on top of that I’d be a convicted felon? I wouodnt be able to return to my same job at a government facility nuclear power plant, lose my car, forfeit the last 22months of timely payments at a 24% apr in attempting ti reestablish my credit. I mean I lose a LOT with this if that happens when it doesn’t even happen! This just gives the message that if you do buy drugs for personal use you might as well sell them too cuz depending on arrest quotas being met or not they can easily lie and spend 30-40 min in detainment trying to coerce a confession and then another 2 hours in interrogation cell same thing.
    If it got dropped to possession then I will still lose my job but only for 3 years which is when my schooling would be completed anyway and I could in a more serious position. if I get a drug felony conviction I can’t work there ever again or any nuclear plants in the u.s. or any government sites or work in office or in law enforcement I mean one cops personal career gain intentions literally take half of my rights away and the light at the end of the tunnel was drastically made dim.
    People always say don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time, well I didn’t do THAT crime because no I can’t do that time I didn’t realize it could have ever been labeled as being for sales. I did the crime I got caught I’ve gotten my car impounded which I couldn’t pay the fees after the $2500 bailbondsman cost that my vehicle was repossessed, lost all my money, have to walk everywhere now to and from work which is almost 3-4hrs of my day when I can’t carpool, my family’s now aware of the extent of my drug usage causing pain n suffering for them and me, ive been to court 3 times and have 3 more, going tk be on probation for 3 years either way, and be forced to register as narcotics offender and take 18 months of drug alcohol classes, I mean isn’t that enough punishment for small possession?? They have the right to prosecute me as a dealer without any factual evidence and its seeming they have success with that, should I just take the plea then to avoid 18months in prison? Please help or email me if you can shed some light or help me or reply directly here thanks a lot for taking the time to read.
    – Eric

    • I am no lawyer but it sounds like you fucked your self. Sucks you have so much to lose. I would likely take the 120 days in jail and all the fall out, rather then risk 18 years with a overworked public defender. With all the heavy charges you have I am surprised they didn’t try to turn you. Really I would just leave the US for another open minded country and work for their nuclear power program, fuck this government anyway.

    • If I was you I would hire a lawyer, because being ur first offense you should get off lightly and all of it should be dropped down to just carrying a prescription medication without a prescription, which is basically a mistometer ticket, i kinda exspiranced the same thing but in a round about way but just with a heavier substance and that’s what my charge became once I hired a lawyer…Good luck and hope it works out for you…..

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  22. I believe eric’s situation constitutes a coercion by law enforcement into getting into his phone(which lead to arrest and search of vehicle) basically put he denied giving acces to his phone and was convinced(coerced) by the officer that if he didnt he could possibly be “not let go”

    • There’s nothing that says the officer can’t trick you into cooperating if you give n that is on you. Had you not give any and everything that they found would be considered a fruit of a poisonous tree. A legal terms of when they do something illegal to gain access to your vehicle or to search illegally anything that they find it be considered illegally found. Some people don’t understand that may remain silent means exactly that remain silent give no information give no authorization. And ask to speak with an attorney. or to be released.

  23. Here is the situation, my BF was at his mothers house where he does not live she was not home, however she is on probation (long history of a multitude of charges) her po stopped by with an officer they enter the home and begune to question and search
    My BFs mom is a drug addict (drug of choice is meth)
    Well needless to say there was some “meth trash” burnt foils, etc this was an issue she would hide stuff all over the house!
    The probation officer ordered him to be arrested and the officer said bf was being taken in on probable cause!
    My bf was charged with manufacturing (per booking sheet) he was ORd and given a court date, local media listed charges as posession of precursors and reagents! We call prosecutors office to verify court date, the charges were not filed and no case number assigned (2-3 weeks after arrest)
    Well today I call and they advise that he is being charged with 2 D Felonies posession of meth, as well as posession of precursors with intent to manufacture. Nothing was found on him at all he asked repeatedly why he was being charged and received no response!
    His mother is playing CYA and won’t fess up that they are hers since she is already on probation! Seen the court papers today, they have changed his address to his mothers address BF clearly wrote his correct address on booking sheet! He has never resided at his mothers home!!

    My confusion is how can someone whom does not live at the address and can probation do a search when the person on probation isn’t home and how on earth can he be charged with the stuff in her home?

    Any help would be more than appreciated!

    Hope this makes sense it’s a very confusing situation!

  24. i was arrested on drug possession and was released on bond. i had a court hearing today and if i do not show up for my next court date, can they cross state lines and come after me?

  25. I had hotel security gaurd enter my room without my permission they went through one of my duffle bags without permission took a bag of medical marijuana and first said they just confiscated it then change their story and said they “flushed it” its obvious the security guard just kept it. Do they have the right to go into my room. And my personal items? ! Is it considered stealing and is there anything I can do?

  26. I have a question. If you have been smoking weed and the police stop you (however you have no weed on you/ no weed smoking paraphernalia are the legal allowed to ask you to do a drug test? I mean causually walking around the street not in a car? Are they allowed to demand a drug test/ call a parent or guardian?

    • They can ask you to do anything. Generally, if the police “ask” to you do something, you have the right to refuse. If they have a legal right to do something, they’ll just do it. The way I understand it is that they need reasonable cause to do a drug test and at that point, they can demand it.

      This is the same reason why when they do DUI stops, they make you do a bunch of silly tests (touch your nose, say the alphabet backwards, etc) before they have the legal right to perform a Breathalyzer test.

      At least I believe this is true in the State of Wisconsin. You’ll need to check with your state laws to see if they’re the same.

      Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer.

  27. Common seriously I mean for fuck sake especially you poor fuckers in the US of A “the land of the free” if your going to Carrie contraband around for personal use or for what ever, you gotta look at the consequences and the odds, mm mm is it worth putting half a gram in my console and drive around? Of course fucking not…pitcher your self sitting in the jail cell for how ever many nights with stitches in your once tight little ass whipping in agony saying to your self over and over why didn’t I stash it in out of sight you need to plan shit there’s an art to taking drugs using drugs if you want to keep that tight ass. In my 22 years of this art
    Iv found that out of sight out of mine, keep it real, and a tone of respect not mistaking for ass kissing will get you home smoking that joint or what ever. So fucking dead set take it from this retiree. If a cop doesn’t like the look of ya chances are there’s a fucking dam good reason start by wiping that shit ass look off ya face drop the losser attitude don’t even think about shifting the blame, you choose your own adventure, if ya finger go’s through the toilet paper its not the toilet papers fault, or let’s just say it was, what are you going to do? Stand there and have an argument with the toilet roll? If its any easyer pitcher the officer as the toilet roll, be complacent carefully tear some more toilet paper off so that you don’t speed the shit all over the place making it a more painful situation, deal with the situation so that you can learn and build from the esperance, keep the fucked up shitfull mannerism you have now and you will put your fingers through the paper every time. It won’t be any wonder….with a asshole that big you’ll be getting shit all over your hand. So wipe your tears and grows brain. Fuck. And if your not already…your probably thinking of dealing…then I will have to say thank you on behalf of all drug distributors…thanks for taking the heat little man.

    • Your obviously a cop and you want to excuse dirty cops(who all think they can get away with murder). Guess what? through video cameras, their injustices and abuses are being exposed more. Who bout that Cincinnati school cop shot and killed someone over a “chicken shit stop” You must always record them, keep the scum honest, look up on YouTube

  28. if a cop pulls you over for a traffic ticket ask is if you have a gun in your vehicle and to search and you reply yes for the search then undercover officers come from behind and search your vehicle and find drugs in your vehicle can they had planted in the search if you for a fact you didnt have drugs in the car before the search

  29. do police have the right to break your doors down without knocking
    Take your clothes and papers and burn them
    give your furniture away
    take your phone and not return it after posting bail. claiming they aren’t through with it . when they arrest you for growing pot?
    No search warrent

  30. Well its like this can anyone please help me. Im on probation so its court orderd that I take my medication becuase I am a mental health patient. My doc perscribed that I take a shot once a month but the thing is that the drug is to much for me I cant handle it . Im starting to get thoughts of harming my self and im always irritaded and with no energy .the only way I see an exit is using meth because it calms me down but I hate that drug but its the only way I can relax. Anyhow what are my rights can anyone lead me in the right direction. Thank you for your time GOD BLESS YOU

    • Your best bet is to express to your Healthcare provider that the medication is making you sick, if it is causing you adverse side effects, they have to work with you to weigh the pros and cons to determine what medications will be best for you. I had a similar problem, I discussed with my provider my other systems, and that I took ADHD medication when I was in my mid-twenties, and that it was one of the only medications that truly help me relax, and allowed me to focus and took away my anxiety with minimal adverse side effects. Do not replace illegal narcotics for psychiatric medication, the consequences could be bad. Not saying that prescription meds are anymore or less safe, than illegal ones, but after taking meds for an extended amount of time, just cutting them off can give you the most extreme side effects I;e Self-harm, suicidal thoughts, as well as extreme highs and lows

      • By no means am I saying that I am an expert, that I am not. You need to consult a healthcare professional. I am strictly speaking from personal experiences

    My husband and I were sitting on the side of a road. My 1 year old daughter had just thrown up all over her self (which is why we were stopped on the side of a road) I cleaned her all up and made her a bottle and laid her back in her car seat. As I was finishing making the bottle 2 Milwaukee police officers both in the same car) pulled up along side if us and asked us what we were doing. Weexplained what happened with our daughter and told them we were just about to be on our way. The police officer then proceeded to ask my husband to step out of the vehicle so he did. The officer talked to him in private while that was takung place the other officer was talking to me you know the usual whats your name where do u live what ate you doing over here? I again explained the situation with my daughter then the other officer put my husband in the back of the police car (niether of us have any warrents or anything of that sort) he proceeded to come talk to me. He began telling me that the reason i was on that road and in that area was infact to get pills from someone on that street(which wasnt the case at all because we dont know anyone who lives on that street… I wouldnt be on this page asking for advice if that was the case…what i said happened really is what happened!!) i began to tell him i do not do pills he then cut me off his exact words were and i quote “YOU’RE LIEING TO ME!!” I am not lieing to you im over here for the reason I said. He proceeded telling me I was lieing he then told me that my husband told him everything and that we were infact over here to buy drugs, which was not the case i knew right then and there he was LIEING TO ME!!!!! So he WITHOUT ASKING(HE HAD NO PROFF OF ANY DRUGS BEING IN OUR POSSESSION) WENT INTO OUR VEHICLE AND STARTED SEARCHING… He found a STRAP. He told me to get back into my vehicle. Him and his partner went back to his car to talk to my husband they were in the police car for 5 minutes(felt like an eternity) the officer came back to my vehicle opened the driver door then told me he was taking my husband in for paraphernalia!!! My exact words “FOR A STRAP” then he started digging thru my vehicle again yes he found another strap and an empty baggie!! The baggie that was empty didn’t have drugs in it of any kind it was a baggie that used to have the little rubber earpieces from the headphones that i had gotten from my phone!!! He told me that he should take me to jail to and that im a “HEROINE CRACK COKE WHATEVER I DO JUNKIE” and that im lucky i have my daughter with me! Then slammed the door!!! I USED TO USE HEROIN I HAVE BEEN CLEAN FOR 300 DAYS NOW!!! TO SOME PEOPLE THEY THINK OH WOW BUT IF YOUVE EVER BEEN AN ADDICT ITS A HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT!!! So my question is… Is it legal for a police officer to search my vehicle without proof of drug use just because they had caught someone on that road earlier that day buying pills from someone on that block? Also the straps can you seriously get arrested for straps? He didnt find any drugs any needles nothing!!!!!! I NEED ADVICE SOMEONE PLZZZ HELP!!!!!

    • Whst you need to do is file a complaint against the city police for not having probable cause for stopping you, go to eternal affairs in your city and file.

  32. I am trying to help out a friend who needs information.
    Her husband was recently pulled over in the State of Florida for not wearing his seat belt and he knows he was wrong in this.
    This is what she sent me in hopes of find out some information.
    I know that nothing is set in stone till he goes to court for the Marijuana. Think she is just trying to find out what could happen.

    For not wearing a seatbelt. Well cop smelled marijuana in truck and searched. They didn’t arrest him, gave him a ticket for seatbelt, and court date for marijuana. Now dh got pulled over in ’99 for the same thing, but was arrested, given probation, and had to take random drug tests. Will the same thing happen again when he goes to court?

  33. How long can you get for doing nothing but just being whit them why the do it but you didn’t want to but you have to because you were to scarf to catch a trance back buy there self

  34. Hi here from Detroit mi. Was pulled over for speeding, and the officer said he smelled weed. I did not smell anything. The officer asked for my info. And the car was not mine. The 2 officers said again, we smell marijuana. I again said to them, I don’t smell anything. The office asked if he can search the car, I told him its not my car. I told him, I just picked up the car to borrow it. Owner of the vehicle only lived a mile and a half away from where they pulled me over. Well they ask to search me and I said fine but I told him the vehicle they have to ask the owners permission. But the other officer started searching the vehicle anyways. I was never handcuffed and I was never put in the police car .Soon after the office finished searching the vehicle, the other officer asked me to go ahead and go back to the car I was driving. Five minutes later the officer comes back and give me a ticket for possession and use of marijuana but they never showed me what they found. So now I hired a lawyer. asked the lawyer to give me a copy of the police video and it was exactly that, they never showed me what they found. They were only telling me what they found. And now I’ve been to court twice and still the prosecutor does not

  35. If you get pulled over, reguardless of the reason I thought the 5th amendment gave us the right to have our attorney present at all times? So if they ask to search my car don’t I have the right to have my attorney present, along with my 4th amendment rights of course?

  36. I need advice please. Cops took keys out of my car without my permission. My car was parked in my driveway and I was the in the shower and my roomate told them they did not have her permission to enter our home. Keys were not in my ignition and they had suspsuspected me of drinking and driving but I was never in my vehicle but did drive drunk boyfriend to my house a block away from where he was passed out. I was never questioned by the police and they took my keys and are now stating that my keys are at the police station and are lost property but they took them and lying by calling it lost property and want me to pick tnem
    Will not anyone but me come in and get them. I feel it is a trap and want to arrest me to question me about that night. Is any of this illegal on their part.

  37. Im in bedroom door closed nxt thing i kno cops are opening they looking for my son whos on probation i ask who let u in the house they say door unlocked.We are searching for jesse my son i tell them get the hell out show warrent say he on probation dont need it was legal what they did thank you

  38. Has the number of traffic deaths increased because of all the amendment additions to our rights to avoid a roadblock edict? After seeing the way our family by marriage suffered from the hands of a drunk driver, a family of 5 was coming home from a late soccer game and another man was coming home from a business trip the only difference was he was coming home from drinking on an airliner, bar in the terminal, plus the one he was having on the drive on the wrong side of the freeway to get home. The rest is death of all except for the drunk and the little girl who happened to saved by soccer balls. Are the police now saying it’s not even worth to set up a road block because it’s a waste of time and of personal, most likely and had they made a difference maybe this drunk would have been arrested along time ago and put away.

    • Righhhttt… And if we only could have checkpoints at the front doors of all schools, public buildings, parks, and random squads setting up on different street corners, with other squads visiting large numbers of both randomly selected, as well as any suspect home residences, every single day, and undercover pairs of officers at markets and bars, who could follow and randomly stop people they saw purchase any sort of alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, or the wrong flavors of soft drinks that we all know are just gross, like generic diet soda, and then all these squads, and pairs of officers, at all the homes/schools/parks/buildings/spots they followed suspicious people to/etc., would then perform thorough searches of the residences, vehicles, and bodies(effective, extensive searches, including body cavity, urinalysis, and making certain to go through cell phones extensively, and homes meticulously, including reading diaries, going through any home movies, etc… just doing a really good job, nothing half-assed, you know?), then we could surely prevent all kinds of tragedies, like car crashes, school shootings, we could find & catch all kinds of child molesters, people working under the table instead of paying taxes, use of illegal drugs or use of legal ones that deviates even slightly from what’s prescribed(since surely people can’t know or decide what works correctly for them, only their doctors are qualified to know what’s best for all their patients), and just generally prevent all sorts of crimes, accidents, and had things in the world! Right? So WHY, why why why in the world are we not doing These simple things? No one who isn’t actually being bad would have anything whatsoever to worry about..if your home movies, computers, and diaries aren’t containing evidence of crimes, and you aren’t hiding guns or drugs in your body cavities, and you aren’t doing bad things in your cars, or homes, then you have nothing to fear, obviously, and you get the benefit of safety from all the bad people who get caught by the same, random searches! Just look at all the folks caught at duii checkpoints, surely no one can argue that this is not a great, beautiful thing!? And just like with such checkpoints, we have our new, ‘Stop, Meticulously Search, and Arrest Crime Prevention Angels Squads’, start at the poor and minority neighborhoods, where we know they’ll be so busy, they might not ever even get to the upper class neighborhoods, although since criminals rarely come from such places because crime usually arises from desperate situations where people don’t have other options by which to feed themselves, or they don’t have health insurance so they need to self medicate to be able to function without losing their minds, or to manage pain or symptoms of disease, etc., or it arises because some groups of people are obviously just probe to criminal behavior, and are unlikely to succeed at earning legitimate money..but obviously, since the wealthy have proven they can succeed by their own merits, so we have little to fear from them in the way of crime, and so we won’t prevent much bothering them with such random searches anyway. So yeah, just lik e with the highly successful DUII checkpoints, we concentrate our resources on poor, & minority neighborhoods, and if we have time and resources, work out way up from there, it’s only logical that this will be most efficient. Just imagine all the crime we’ll prevent! All the would be victims who will never have to experience the consequences of what would otherwise have happened to them!! Some will even still be alive, when they might’ve otherwise died during a crime! WHY aren’t we taking these simple steps for our safety?! And the process would create jobs, too- we could hire a whole great number of new types of officers to perform these searches! It wouldn’t take much training to do these jobs, anyone can search a residence and identify contraband, right? And it isn’t difficult to spot suspicious looking people and cars and homes, either, a day or two of training and they’d be ready to start preventing crime and tragedy!

      Look, I’m very sorry your family suffered so unimaginably because of one individual’s very poor decisions..very, very sorry. However, it is simply not possible, in a society filled with millions of different people, in which struggle and poverty is becoming more and more the norm every day for 99.9% of those people, while the other .01% have amassed 99.9% of all the wealth, and used that money to manipulate the laws, so that with each passing minute a great percentage of the tiny amount left for everyone else funnels rapidly into their already unbelievably overfilled coffers, and so the society itself is extremely mentally sick, and meanwhile there are uncountable tons and tons of moving steel all around us, and that we get inside of and move around at high speed in every day, and where there are guns in abundance, and most people are under or uninsured for healthcare, so they really behave few options to help deal with all the injustice and evil around them, or their own mental or physical ailments, other than through the practice of self medication, and there are a million other factors creating danger for everyone, tragedy simply cannot be entirely avoided. We can continue to erode civil liberties, and try throwing greater and greater percentages of our own population in prison, but all such measures are truly accomplishing, are to greatly increase the amount of tragedy, death, suffering, breakup of families, and general injustice we all face every day. Benjamin Franklin famously said “He who would trade liberty for perceived safety, deserves and shall receive neither.” Again, I’m sorry for your loss, but the outlets for your frustration which you are now pursuing, are only serving to perpetuate evils, and more tragedy.

  39. I was wondering if in missouri if a minor carries a concelled Spring Assisted Folding Knife that is right at the 3 inch mark, is it illegal to own and carry in public.

  40. I need an advice” let me tell you guys the crazy story.. In 2010 i was working as a Security officer. I had came from work all tired and went to rest.. The girl i was with at that time and had my son . Came in the room all drunk and jumped on me wile asleep. Wen i got up all scared somehow she fell but got up quickly then she called the police and said i had hit her.. i wus all confused i asked her why did she lied? Well anyways the police arrived and arrested me. i had barely bought a gun and wus taking training to obtain the concealed license card. The girl told police i owned a gun.. so the officer adked were was the gun. i told them i had it under a computer desk inside a laptop bag.. the magz were out off the gun it wasnt loaded and the gun didnt play a role in what she said it happened. The officers laugh and replyed are you a cop killer? they were like this is a nice gun…
    The offficers were mumbleling to them selfs and one of them siaid we need to secure the gun after you get out from jail you go to the property room and sing the release form.. i replyed ok.. After i got out i went to sign the form and they told me to keep coming later cuz the officers that did the arrest were out on vacation. i went three days later and they told me they were off duty. then i spoke to a detective trevino and he told me i couldnt get my gun back cus the officers put
    charges on me:: assault charge. and the dectective went to grab a paper from a computer and read me the that i coulnt own a gun no more… tha Dallas police kept my gun and i feel they violated my rights to bare arms just to keep my gun..the judge in court said there wasnt proof on the girls face . he scaned the photos 3 times …but he called no contest cus of the officers assault charge.

    • I told the officers she wus drunk and mad thats why she didnt cuz i wus talking to this girl from work. I spoke to my Ex last year and asked her tell me the truth why you did it.. She said cuz she had drank and she felt jelaous and she willing to declare infront of a judge nothing but the truth on why she did it.. but i need to talk to a lawyer to see how can they help so The Dallas Police crooks stop keeping peoples property by srewing there records by putting assault charges cuz i feel that word is an action word and nothing happened. I have a friend he is iligal and the other day came to the house he had a gun on him he said a police officer gave it to him.. so my question is if a Permanent recident alien cant have a gun why can a ilegal person get one from a police officer..

  41. I have a question, I was sitting in the car in the drivers seat a rest stop in s.c. And a highway patrol pulled up behind me about ten miniutes later after me he turns on his lights comes to my car and ask for id an registration I give it to him he ask what I was there for I told him resting he says hold on goes to his car for a few miniutes comes back tells me that he is charging me with driving under suspension . Can he do this he never seen me driving the car I was in it but it was parked in a parking space not running can he do this?

  42. If a detective accuses you of being the owner of illegal drugs while being the passenger in the vehicle and the drugs being inside a beer box and the “Driver” of the vehicle being unknowingly paired up with the detective, would it be possible of getting a lawyer and fighting the “crime”? NOTICE: the detective(s) were asked for pictures & videos where it shows the victim carrying the drug & detectives said they don’t need them & where allegedly told “if you say they’re mine, than they are, but it’s your word against mine” . If they do provide any type of pictures or videos, the drug was inside a beer box meaning the camera caught the box of beer and not what was inside. They were told by the victim they didn’t know what was inside the box & figured beer would be inside & had no clue about what was found inside it which was the drug. What is the probability of being saved from this tragedy? Or what us suggested in this scene?

  43. If you are arrested and someone calls the jail to ask have you been arrested and what your charges are, do they have to tell the person? Do you have the right to refuse consent to them releasing this info? Like when you’re in the hospital, you’re asked wether or not you want anyone to know you are there if they call and ask; if you say “no”, they can’t tell anyone you are there. Is this an option when you’ve been arrested? I can’t find the answer to this on any website…

  44. Do they as in news reporters have the right to put you on the news when you have not been arrested but a citation was issued

  45. I had a question. My husband went to Turning Point in Bakersfield. He has spent all the time he can there and can no longer stay. The deal going there, is that once you get a full time job and a place to live, they will transfer his case. Well they transfered his case before he could even do any of that. I live with a friend and I’m pregnant. I do not have a job. His parole officer said he can’t come live with me until I pay rent somewhere. The woman I live under is willing to let me do house work and get food for the house in exchange and she will write me a reciept. His parole officer keeps ignoring and he’s about to be homeless in Bakersfield, or get arrested for trying to come back home. Is there anything I can do about this? Can I contact someone? Please help asap.

  46. if the cops found 2 opana 20mg pills on me and i told them what they were. and they let me go. can they come back 2 weeks later with a warrant for those same 2 pills?

  47. Okay so i got into a situation. My friend and I (shes a girl) were in my vehicle as she recieves a message on her facebook, her girlfriend from school was asking for a half ounce of marijuana. I drive her to the Walgreens to meet the girl. We get there, get out and go into the store (half ounce on my person) and purchase a drink. We come out and sit on the side of the building on a bench beside the red box and wait for her friends reply. 10 minutes go by and before you know it 3 cops are swarming in. It turns out my friends friend (half ounce buyer) was in rehab and her mom gave her phone to DTF due to all the drug related text messages it was getting. So they throw my friend in the back of the squad and ask me to stand up and proceed search. They find the marijuana of course as well as a set of car keys (not my single key to the vehicle i drove there which was in my small jeans pocket) and some other of my belongings. Soon enough im riding off in the squad car when the cop gets a walkie talkie call saying that the keys he seized arent the right keys and he replies “theres a key still on him” so of course i put it in my underwear. he turns around and proceeds back to the walgreens and proceeds to search me again as well as his car for the key. It was undetectable of course so he says were going to the work house to strip search you. They do and of course find the key and go to search my vehicle without me present. They claim to have found 100 grams of marijuana as well as a handgun (loaded with 3 rounds) with the serials files off and an assault rifle which was not loaded. Went to jail for a month before i posted bail and now have good lawyer on case. Would just like to know if anyone here cant point out any illegal or wrong acts in this situation done by the police thank you. Am now waiting to go to grand jury it was of course graduated from sessions

  48. I’m so tired of hearing “if you haven’t done anything wrong what do you have to hide.” REALLY?!? It’s the principle behind it all– that’s why. I sacrificed 8 years of my life defending our Constitution serving in the Air Force. I’m fortunate because I’m still here to talk about it. Others aren’t.

    Many have given their lives so we can enjoy our rights and freedoms. Parents have lost a son or daughter, wives a husband, husbands a wife….children have lost a father or mother so that we can enjoy our freedoms. Do you understand that? We are free because many have given their lives for us to be free. So when you throw your rights down the toilet just to “cooperate” or so you “don’t appear guilty” or whatever reason you may have, you are insulting the sacrifices these people have paid for with their life so you can have your freedom. You spit on their graves and tell their mourning family members that their loved ones died for no reason. Think about that next time you are about to give up your rights. The are far from free.

    Rights are WORTHLESS if you don’t use them….so please…USE THEM!



  49. If a police officer has a family member riding in the police car with him, is he allowed to stop and make a arrest?

  50. Fuck. I would take you guys on a trip down memory lane. But the got a road block up! I only found out after raping the judges daughter, pissing on everyone’s rights. Laughing cause the prosicuter’s having a hard time keeping it up when it’s his turn for the line up. He shares simular taste. Next thing I know. I found out that that isn’t fate lady liberty is just a simble of fucking your neighbor before he’s caught eating your family

  51. I already know that cops can’t or shouldn’t be able to search you or your vehicle without probable cause. My question is what if the cop says you look high on drugs but smells no marijuana or anything. Can they say that is probable cause to search your car and/or your persons. My first thought was just because you looks look high doesn’t mean you are and looking high is proof you committed a crime..but the cops could say you look high so that is proof you have drugs in the car or you committed a crime seeing as using drugs is a crime.. I wound appreciate I’d anyone could help me answer this question I can’t really find anything online to help me.

  52. I have a friend He had a DUI ticket dismissed in court.
    A police officer showed up at his home and at his home now.
    And wrote him the same ticket out that was dismissed in court.
    Now was he allowed to do this or was my rights violated?

  53. i am going to criminal court because cops found a stolen hand gun on someone and they said i sold it to them and the cops aint got no evidence just them saying that so they are trying to hit me with the stolen gun what do i do can anyone show me the law to beat this please and thank you

  54. I was pulled over by a police officer because of my black rejection sticker. My 13 year old was patted and searched as a passenger for any weapons…. Is this legal???

  55. Where i live every night the security officer shines his flashlight into my window of my apartment. He also stands by my bedroom window. I have confronted either security officer and told them that what they were doing was not right. I also told them i didn’t appreciate the idea of them disrupting my grandson sleep with the idea of the shadows my be seeing when they be walking back and forth by my window. Can they do this?

  56. If a person is suffering from anxiety and been without there medication and the police come and ask to search there property and the person is in a panic attack can the person give legal concent to the search

    • I see what you’re saying. Generally speaking if you take meds that could tranquilize a bull elephant or have problems counting all the way to potato…you have a rational minded caregiver close by.
      The individual suffering from panic attacks is more apt to have one of these safe people around them of their own choice. Also, this person would more than likely avoid situations like that, usually ;).
      I would have to say that a testimony from your shrink could get it thrown out of court, if it went that far. Hopefully they encounter ones with humanity and worry about getting you medical treatment instead of ransacking your sH*t.
      Another thing is the delirium tremens or withdrawal from a long term chemical’s absence in your body should get you off quicker.
      There’s really no excuse to have your meds run out. The ER can provide you with a fix until you can reach your normal health care provider or doctor.

  57. I have a question. ..I always carry my prescriptions in my purse for my chronic pain and anxiety disorder. I went to a show in Myrtle Beach on Saturday April 9th 2016 and as they were checking my purse, my percocet bottle had about 8 of my pink oxicodones in it so I didn’t have to add another bottle in it going to an all day music festival. The event staff noticed the 2 different pills in the bottle and called over security. They dumped out my xanax, klonopin and pain meds into their dirty hands and put all but my pink oxicodones back, from what I saw, I think they stole some klonopin too because my bottle was missing several the next day. They would not let me take my oxicodones and return them to my car. They said they had to throw them away. I’ve been to so many shows and never once had this happen to me. On top of that they didn’t even check my other bottles so it looker like they were looking for pills to get high on our sell. So I called the police the next day and they said it’s illegal for a security guard to seize my prescriptions without a police officer. I’m looking at filing a police report and seeking legal action. He was so sketchy the whole time and I asked him for a card or his name and contact information to give to my doc to show that he stole my meds, since I’m short now. I do not drink, do illegal drugs, etc. Am I correct that what he did was illegal ? And how do I know for sure that was his real name and number?

  58. Hi my husband was home and the cops came and came in without an invite or search warrant and found a starter pistol in the kitchen in a garbage bag . Can the case be thrown away bc the cops came in without being invited or search warrant ?

  59. The other night, i got into an altercation with my moms boyfriend because he was beating on her and he called the cops like a little bitch and snitched me out. they went to jail, but the cop only took all of my stash and shit and they didnt arrest me, they let me stay home and didnt give me a ticket. One cop said i had over 35g, the other said i had under 35g. So i dont know if its a felony or misdemeanor or even a charge since they didnt arrest me and give me a ticket. if this does end up going to court, is there any way i could use this in defence? that they didnt inform me of my charges or give me a ticket AND took a whole damn pack of ciggarets just cuz it had 3j’s in it! lmao

  60. If you and 3 others are sitting in your mom car parked. And the police come and handcuffs two people and search the car and find a gun only take one person to jail how can you beat the case knowing that its not yours. One guy run on feet and one person ended up going to jail

  61. I got raided and they illegally came in my home pushing out my air conditioner n of course found nothing can i do something about it they harrasss me constantly

  62. Really need where to look in the Nevada NRS or…?? Officer got Illegal warrant to search my house (that warrant is a JOKE) and used ‘evidence’ they ‘found’ against me in court but that evidence was never SEIZED by them because is wasn’t LISTED ON WARRANT. BUT THEY USED THIS EVIDENCE IN COURT! I’m trying to file and ‘ineffective assistance of counsel’ cause attorney should have been ON THAT and much more but I literally had NO defense in that Courtroom. Trying to find statue law or case law on this. Either US SUPREME OR NEVADA


  64. Question from a private security guard here. I work in a city housing projects and regularly encounter kids and adults smoking marijuana. I am aware that I am not allowed to arrest them simply for possession or use but would it be within my legal authority as the property owners representative to confiscate the illegal substance or detain the person and hand them over to police?

    • WHY would you want to? Is that truly the person you want to be? You might want to do some research about the origins of prohibition, the true motives for manipulating our system, and instigating a fear campaign in order to achieve criminalization, the true historical, global history of use of mind expanding substances, the truth about lack of health coverage in this country and self medication, and the corruption, inequality in application of, and outright incalculable evil of the war on drugs, as well as the truth of the prison industrial complex in this country, and then do some major soul searching, before you make the decision to attempt what you’re proposing.
      Ask yourself in what ways you can truly act as a positive agent of protection and safety against real dangers, as well as positive public relations in the community you’re supposed to be serving, rather than how to impede upon people’s personal choices, which have all kinds of legitimate reasons behind them, regardless of whether or not you are able to know those reasons, and/or to put yourself in another’s shoes and empathize with them, rather than judge them in ignorance of what their lives are like.

  65. In March I was arrested & charged with aggravated battery & police took property from my home after I was incarcerated. In May return of porperty motion was granted. the evidence officer wouldn’t/didn’t return my property. The charges were dismissed in September and didn’t get anything returned until Sept. but only received half to get my property that was taken. The Prosecutor hasn’t sent release of the rest my property. My rights are being violated & I’m needing to know what steps I can take to exercise my rights. I’ve went to police dept. Several times & a officer has now told me not come back & to Call first instead.

  66. Tonight after driving my friend to her house we decided to sit outside the house and my car for a little while and chat before she went in. Because it was a little chilly out the windows started to fog up quickly. It was on a public street at night but located right under the street light. Nothing illegal was happening. A cop car passed us a couple of times without any problems so we continued our conversation. The third time they came by they pull up next to us and exited their marked car. As I went to roll down my window they opened my car door. I was in stock and became scared and defensive. The officer stated that they drove past us a couple times and saw us sitting here so he wanted to make sure we were “okay”! They then left after seeing nothing illegal was happening. Can they open my door without my consent???

  67. Question . House busted in by cops . Search warrent said for Marijuana and methamphetamine and chemicals. So that means method lab. Can’t stand Marijuana and don’t even know what method looks like . So how could they get a warrant for those things ?

  68. What somebody ask to to drive your car,and not no in it has a revoked tag nitpick up kids, the police see you but don’t come tell you but wait till you pull out no in me and not the owner which she got warning but still though she had fix but seen me then hide till they new me driving then pull me over took smcheck my licsence and then tell me I going jail for revoked tag then look in in floor board didn’t ask what it was for just ask what in it

    Said it my med in it when take it 8 hour before this happen out car dui for you to I said what for that he strait as a stick said already going jsik for duo to I said if I dui you get me every night done the duo text pass,still pass,it put hand cuff on me I said you no I not fu up are drunk this bull shut the one officer told my people that the reason I going jail is for because I shoot dope I had never in my 51 years abuse my ned nore have I ever use a nuttkes in my arm are any where and most the chief law no that but said he could not do nkthi and about it and I work for mayor to so I going have fight it but ys,options, when you no you not drunk are,and they no that I not and I work for mayor and they still want help no in I not and got charge for revoked tag who it was not my car abd,dui to that I was not and to count child indangerment so I need help this will make me take my life because I would never do any think to s kid note have I ever have my kisxebce took it hurt my life

  69. My husband is being charged with a felony because the cops didn’t search him so when they got to the jail he had a 2oz bottle of whiskey in his back pocket and he was intoxicated is that right to be charged if they didn’t search his pockets

  70. Do you have to show your driver’s license at your court hearing if you have been charged with simple possession of marijuana?

  71. Question If my case was closed can a detective get a search warrant for my house a month later? The search warrant was issued for the sane case but it was closed already it was issued a month later after the case was already closed.?????????

  72. Say your at a party and the police come in and see a open drink on the table and the cops ask who’s is it and nobody claims it, can the cops cite everyone for that one drink that nobody claims??

  73. What if police raid your home and you ar not there but a 14 year old is and the police raid your home, kicking in the door putting guns to the childs head forcing him on the ground, search the house for illegal drugs and call cps after finding nothing?They called me after the search and gave me a copy of the warrant that had another countys name marked out and the county we are in written in. I had to pick my son up from cps and when i got home i find out that the police left the doors open and the back gate resulting in my tools and lawn equipment being stolen before i got home. What can I do if there is anything i can do.

  74. Well my boyfriend is on drug court and we live together for a year now he has six more months to go and because someone said I do drugs they want me to submit to a drug test in order to stay with my bf in our home can they legally do this ???

  75. I have a question. My boyfriend had a warrant for his arrest, when we left the house for work I was driving the vehicle when an officer in his uniform but in his personal vehicle followed from my house into town ( I live ten minutes out of town ) We could tell he was on the phone but didn’t know who he was. He was following extremely close to my vehicle. When we finally approached town we were immediately pulled over by a sherif and surrounded by six other cop personnel. Since I was driving and an officer in a personal vehicle called it in off duty, would you consider that entrapment? I understand he had a warrant but after being followed for miles by an officer in his personal vehicle off duty, and drove right into a swarm of police vehicles I don’t feel it was right of him.
    I totaled my car a week ago so I’m borrowing a friends vehicle. Plates are not in my name! I feel as if my house was being watched, specifically by him. I did no wrong nor caused any traffic violation to get pulled over. I’m furious and don’t think this was right. Im just looking for an answer….

  76. OK so I don’t know where to begin so I’m just kinda just going to put this out there. . I obviously know that I’m going to get judged but I’m so past the political, fake ass mumbo jumbo… In today’s BRAIN WASHED UP world, it’s legal for a woman to kill the living thing growing inside her by aborting it, but I can’t have consensual sex with another consenting adult, and get paid because it’s Freaking illegal… This is the ass backwards times we live in. Let’s be real here, it all comes back to 1. Money and 2. Power. Of course the GOVERNMENT’S pissed off!! They feel like they should hold the power to tell us when we can have this go down, and of course TAX that shit, would I be writing this right now? Doubtful… Abortions age legal, and why is that? Because the politicians and the government are making BAAANK ROOOLLL on BABIES being scraped out of a women’s cervix like a booger!

    Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely DO NOT APPROVE OF ANY WOMEN, MAN OR CHILD, being forced into the underground sex trade or slavery. It’s dispicable, UN human, and punishable by death IMO.

    But I am not like those souls that unfortunately weren’t given a choice, bu instead are forced to live an unimaginable nightmare. I didn’t dial this up on the life phone one day, thinking gee! I’d sure like to meet strangers in exchange for sex and money. I unfortunately fell upon hard, and I mean freaking HARD times. I went from a costumer service representative for over 12 years, holding a manager position in every job may I add *toot* that’s me tooting my own horn) to finding myself in a relationship jammed pack with domestic violence, and me feeling hopeless, with no way to escape for over 5 years. I was diagnosed by a psychiatrist credited by the state of Washington, with agoraphobia after enduring a long list of traumatic events in my life, also causing PTSD, Anxiety Disorder and depression…

    With that nice cocktail rolling around in my DNA, I was one more WTF moments away from developing an uncontrollable eye twitch, and landing myself a free visit to the padded room, In one of those fancy hug your self jackets. In All seriousness, working in a LARGE public setting wasn’t going to work. Dshs provided paper work that my doctor wouldn’t sign, so I could complete the physical and start the process of getting on my SSI. And DSHS couldn’t refer me OUT because I already had an assigned doctor…. Uhhh…. WTF? *Insert crickets chirping* I applied to jobs everywhere, to jobs I was over qualified MAJORLY for. And yet, though I was persistent, called and checked in on every job lead, I wasn’t ever offered one. Not one of the positions was awarded to me… I always prided myself on working hard. I’ve got over half the needed credits needed in order to retire….

    All that Bs didn’t pan out… What the hell was I supposed to do? Sit on my ass and wait for something to plop in my lap? Nah, I got a family, and myself to take care of. I do it to SURVIVE!! But my question is what can I do legally if they are investigating me? What kind of people do they think they are to judge me on something over HALF, probably couldn’t comprehend or live through if they were on their best day… Not to mention the faultiness of crooked cops, and “public leaders” that paid for these services, just outside of the uniform. But somehow, Dudley do right, who probably can’t recite half of the Constitution of which he so solemnly swore to protect, and uphold, gets to slap the cuffs on me, Because I’m some big ole POS for just using my OWN BODY, MY GOD GIVEN BODY, to help me and mine survive…. Any legal advice, or even point me in right direction will be greatly appreciated… God bless and I hope that none of you ever find yourself in a position where your own ppl, judge you like they live without sin.

  77. If you a misdemeanor petty theft,you was set up to make payments, well you miss the next court date. I was arrested for bail jumping, I was able to bond out again now if I missed the next court date by accident are they going to let me bond out again

  78. In researching a situation where I feel like my right to privacy was violated today, I came across this forum. My family and I attended church this morning. Our church rents out a building in NYC. This building employs its own security. As I proceeded to go through security my purse was searched. Which is to be expected. What I did not expect was the events that followed. The girl searching my bag proceeeded to pull all of my medications, prescription, over the counter and vitamins and supplements out of my purse and in front of hundreds of people in line behind me, proceeded to interrogate me with very personal questions about what the medications were used for? She asked me to take out my ID and began comparing the name on my prescriptions to the name in my ID? This was not a police officer. This was a private security person on a building. They then began interrogating me about an old prescription that belonged to my father that happened to be in my purse. My family travels a lot and stays between 2 locations and my father is borrowing my vehicle since he was recently in a car accident. I didn’t even realize his medication was still in my purse. I told them the situation and gave them permission to throw it away. They then called the manager over and continued making a public scene and absolute spectacle of me outside of the building in front of church members I attend church with who had no idea what was going on as these security guards made me out to look like a drug addict and drug dealer. When the reality is that I am a wife, mother of 4, grandmother, Women’s Pastor, Counselor, Life Coach, Foster parent and law abiding citizen. They were even opening my Exedrin Migraine container and dumping those out as they interrogated me publically asking what health condition each medication was used to treat?! They had me in tears as they absolutely humiliated me and put my reputation in jeopardy as it clearly looked bad to others behind me including my children who were with me. By the time they finally let me through realizing I was clearly not a “security threat,” I wanted to leave anyway. I was embarrassed and horribly upset. My question is, “if their purpose is to endure that I don’t have a weapon or pose some sort of security threat by being allowed in the building, how is my prescription medication, over the counter Ibuprofen and vitamins a security threat?! And do they have the right in their position to ask about my private health matters and ask me what my medications are taken for and why I have them with me? Did they take it too far? Because I absolutely feel like my rights to privacy were violated and I’m honestly considering pursuing an attorney.

  79. It was Jan. 2nd when these events took place. My fiance is a parolee of 4 mo. not do to a violent crime or any such thing and he does not posses a license at this time. while I had dinner in the oven, my fiance and I took what was supposed to be a quick trip to the gas station. I was driving the car. When we got to the gas station the car started to over heat. I ran back to the apt to shut the oven off. My fiance stayed with the car and moved the car out of the way of the gas pumps so that others could get their gas and he could put coolant in it. I called my fiance and told him I was on my way back to get the car. My fiance was walking back towards me when a cop pulled him over, on foot mind you, and asked him if that was his car and what his name was. My fiance complied with the officer and told him his name and stated that no it is his fiance’s car and she is as we speak walking back up here to get it and that the car was overheating and in the way of the pumps so he moved it. When I approached my fiance the cop was on his radio. The officer than asked me if that was my car and if it was overheating. I answered yes. The officer than told my fiance that he would have to search him because he is a parolee. My fiance complied. The officer than allowed my fiance and I to walk back to my car to check to see if it was still overheating. After we got to the car the officer was also checking to make sure the car had indeed cooled down. He then told my fiance to get in the car and start it to check the temperature gauge, as he was doing this an investigator arrived and he also was talking to me and my fiance about the car. He asked me if I had a licence but never looked at it nor did either one of them run the plates or ask for my registration. Yet they stated they were looking for a stolen car. My inspection sticker was also a day overdue and the officers also saw that, yet never issued me a ticket. After the officers make sure that I was able to drive my car due to it cooling down. They arrested my fiance for driving without a license. He was arraigned and RORed. As soon as we returned home he called his PO officer and told him that he had had police contact and what it was for. His PO called him back the next day and requested the papers from the court to be faxed to him. We did that immediately. The PO stated that it was not an official arrest which is good and that the charges would most likely be dropped because of the fact that he was walking when the officer approached him and began to question him. This all being said, the following week when my fiance had to report to parole they arrested him and he has been there ever since. This took place on Jan. 11th. I was told at that time that he was entitled to a hearing within 72 hours of his arrest. That never happened. I was then told that he would have a preliminary hearing on the 6th of Feb. I was then informed that my fiance’s PO officer convinced him to waive that hearing. He now has one for the 27th of Feb. So my question is why was he arrested in the first place on a parole violation when he was not driving the car? And will these charges be dropped? Also is there anything we can do about the fact that he has been under wrongful confinement and they have kept him solitary confinement this entire time?

  80. So today my friend Matthew and I decided to go to the Potsdam, NY Olympia Sports, where we decided to spend upwards of $375 there. We had a simple plan of getting a new pair of sneakers for work and some gym shorts. We were polite to the greeter at the door and minded to ourselves the whole time we were there. Before leaving i said have a great day and went on with my intentions of going home to relaxing and then go to the gym to use the new gym equipment we had purchased. However, before reaching Ogdensburg I had been pulled over by a State Trooper, where we were then being put in cuffs and placed into trooper vehicles and were being accused of steling merchendise from the Olympia Sports. I dont understand why i would spend $375 there and then go on to steal something but thats besides the point. After being place in custody of the officers they then continued to search my car for stolen merchendise which obviously they did not find simply because i did not take anything. While searching my car they found a small amount of weed like less than a gram and now im being charged for that. The reason they pulled me over was complete bullshit though and there was a false accuisation made from whoever reported goods stolen. The police officers never looked at the security cameras and neither did the store before having me detained. Is this legal? Can they just arrest someone for something you didnt do and then when they realized they messed up they find a way to give it to you from another direction?

  81. We have a female that rides around with our town police officer..they use her to search the female that they stop that legal our is against my rights i live in oklahoma.

  82. If I had my uhaul impounded by the police with all my belongings in it and. I wanted to take my things out but was told I wasn’t alloud to touch anything because it was under police investigation, are they alloud to go through all muy things with out a search warrant? I asked multiple times why but they kept telling me they could not tell me I had to wait to speak with there captain. I was not arrested nor given a ticket or anything at all. I’ve called multiple times to speak with the man they told me about but can never get a hold of him I wasn’t alloud to get my wallet because they threw it back in the uhaul. Could not get something to put on my feet nor any clothes . I really would like to know if there is anything I can do about this because I had allot of important items that had pictures of my kids when they were newborns collectible pennies , cash furniture, and well basically everything I owned was in the uhaul and I don’t know how to get any of it back. I know that that 2 cops that were there had already popped open the back door to get in and were taking out a couple of items that I didn’t see them put them back. Again they didn’t ticket me , arrest me, telling me really anything but to give them the keys and to leave.

  83. Got pulled over couple months ago (was never given a reason why) showed the officer all my info which was current and legal. He proceeds to ask me out off the car because I look nervous. They ask to search my vehicle and I say I do not consent to a search without warrant. They proceed to call the dogs and I keep responding that I need to see a warrant. We wait on the sidewalk fit 45 minutes for the dogs, they get there abd of course the officer says he smells something so they instantly cuff me, take car keys from me and search the car and of course find my stash. They then start asking for names and numbers and I play along, they eventually let me drive off no ticket or anything but threatened me that if I don’t hand over my dealer they will charge me and put warrants out for me. I was never read my rights or put into the back of a car. Any advise on this?

  84. OK SO… Got pulled and officer detained bc no! i didn’t Have a drivers license and he originally pulled me over because my tag was of date. I ahead and told about my weed in my purse then officer proceeds search vehicle now , less than 10cents worth dope then back of my truck under the TonoCover the find an unopen package of needle syringes . no field testing done site of sceen where I could witness

  85. Is it legal for a local cop to walk up to you while your pumping gas in a car and ask if u have a valid driver’s license even though u did nothing illegal at all?

  86. If a minor recently got charged with paraphernalia and did not have any drugs on them, are they allowed to leave the state as long as they make their court date?

  87. I have a question I got raided section 690.45 subdivisions 6 and 7
    They kicked my door down didn’t find shit but a scale clean scale btw and sandwiche bags that’s all…. they left everyone left they just gave me a appearance ticket for scale n baggies. paraphanelia once they leave and it’s all over are they aloud to come back and search house again… plz reply to my via email

    • Unfortally I believe they can, all it takes is probable cause to get the warrent to search and the messed up part is they are not legally obligated to show you the warrent. So this means they can make up a fkn reason. They are dirty as hell. we are all guilty untill proven innocent these days. Good luck to you friend, keep your house clean and watch your ppl because someone had to of sent them in on you, and my guess is its one of your so called friends. it always is, ask anyone who has been to prison (including myself) for dope and they will tell you they were snitched on by there closest peep or fam. speaking from experiance!

  88. I have a question, If the cops take narcotics from you on a traffice stop but dont write a ticket, Or lock you up, Or let you see them put it into an evidence bag.. what will happen? Also nnothing was ever signed, Can they come back later and arrest you for possesion?

    • Same thing happened to me except it was just paraphernalia then I was also arrested after I wasn’t even the one in my car when I got pulled over got in the car the cop then asked me to become a snitch and told me if I didn’t charges would be coming up I don’t know what the fuck to do

  89. I have a legal question. I made a peace disturbance call on my neighbors. The police came to my home claiming I had a warrant for my arrest. (2 months prior I was given a ticket for driving on a suspended license but my court date was 2 days after this incident)
    I was completely shocked. I was sleeping when they banged on my door,45 minutes after I made the call. I asked to see the warrant because I was confused,I had not missed court. The officers both giggled and said they did not have it and was not sure why one was issued.
    I asked if I could call my children’s father to have him come and pick my sleeping kids up so I could go straighten out the issue at hand. The officer told me they will be fine and let them sleep. I told them I was not comfortable with that and pleaded again. The officer told me to stop acting like a child or he was going to call social services and have them removed from my home for good.
    I kept my mouth shut out of fear that I would lose My children. I asked if I could put my bra and shoes on to go with them. One office said no, the other said sure but I well have to go with you. Both male officers. One stood at the door, watching me.I asked that he please let me have privacy or if a female officer could be called. He said no, get dressed you are wasting my time.
    I asked about the warrent many times during this nightmare, no response. one of the officers was the one that have me the previous driving ticket, the other I didn’t know. I asked him if he was new, he laughed… saying “you must have fried your brain cells with alcohol asl those years.. I’ve run into you, you delinquents always come back for more”. I was insulted and tried not to cry.
    OK,I’m 5 years clean and sober. I have stayed away from trouble before this driving on a suspended license.
    Ok.I was not read my rights, I was taken to jail. The officer still would not show me my warrent as he was asking me if I was injured etc. He told the jailers “she’s one hell of a tool have fun with that”then left.
    The jailers actually apologized for the officer and treated me with complete respect. I was given a phone call but no one answered.I sat in jail for 3 days, until I finally demanded the judge see me.My children missed school, the school called the father of my children on the second day they missed. He picked them up. My kids were absolutely terrified not knowing where mom weren’t.
    Do I have a case here?!
    Lawyers in my state do not think so.

  90. If you have a mall pocket knife in you’re pocket while in a public area but you don’t have any intensions of using the knife for harming someone or something and a undercover police asks you if you have anything and you say “yes a knife” what is the maximum penalty be?

  91. I’m curious about being on probation. Can an all male group of officers search my residence by waking me up hovering over my bed if I am a female?

  92. I was arrested for contempt because I was late for a custody hearing that I requested from my husband who then told the judge that I was withholding which never ever was asked anything I was in arrested and put in jail when I was put in jail the court hearing continued so I never got to defend myself I thought in the state of Pennsylvania that they couldn’t make a judgement on custody on a contempt charge I lost my daughter full custody and was not allowed to see her for 12 months because my husband said so I still do not have my custody back almost 2 years later because my husband is brainwashing her and trying to erase me with his new girlfriend and living in the house I grew up in and our marital home and my daughter is a completely different little girl he does whatever he feels like doing and has financially destroyed me and emotionally wrecked my relationship with my daughter since then I’ve had legal issues because he cancelled my car insurance and it’s been a downhill fight now I can’t afford anything any help and it just seems like a downward spiral when he was abusive and he was financially Reckless and our marriage why aren’t there more resources for help for real people with real problems he is a veteran who get 100% total and full disability from Social Security and the VA I was his VA caretaker and watched him get better I know he committed fraud when he was overseas with a credit card and I know that he jumped out of the Humvee when he got hurt permanently. I went to state representatives the VA the Attorney General I have proof that he is a fraud and I’m even asked the judge to listen to my side of the story and I was denied denied denied I even had the fire two different lawyers because they kept telling me that there was nothing I could do turns out I could have appealed it or I could have claimed that my rights were being violated because they were

  93. Police came into my yard I hid and watched them the officer tried ever way he could to get inside my barn which was padlocked. The next day he came and arrested my fiancé. He said he saw him driving , however at the time of the arrest he was in the yard helping a friend change a fuel pump. Tell me how any of this is possibly legal.

  94. If a person has property stolen..the person files report with police but police don’t do anything about getting your stuff back, is said person allowed to go after their stolen property themselves?

  95. Hi I got a bigg question yesterday police walked to a home asking for a person in probation known he is locked up at the moment.and they search the home and took a 16 year old to investigation for another crime that they think the minor was involved. They had no warrant or evidence for the police to hold him and take him to juvenile hall and ‘ve detain because they think it was him is that legal thank you

  96. my son allowed someone to drive my van so he could sleep not knowing that he didn’t have a licence. The police recognized the driver and pulled it over. I did not give anyone permission to drive my van. They detained them both, searched them both and let my son go. The driver got arrested for finding drugs and money on him. The van was searched also. My son was not arrested. They impounded my van once my son was gone and had it towed, of which the police told me I would get back after he tow charge was paid. He assured me my son was in no trouble but he had to be with me to release it to us as he was there in the van. I did not believe that but did not want to argue with him. Surprise to us my son got arrested at a friends house in Wis. border state, we live in Wis. and this was in Mich. They held him until extradition to mich and he’s been in jail there since. This was April 28th and he’s been in jail over 53 days. They found drugs in the van and I still don’t have my van back. Is this legal to do this to my son? Please give me your answer and not tell me to call a lawyer here, that don’t work in a small town like this. I want to know what is legal and what isn’t

  97. An alabama law came to my house to house to give me A CARD and to let me know that i needto call an investigater. Meanwhile my boyfriend told him let me get amy shes asleep . he said he didnt invite him in. But he was in my home when i got up. He gaveme the card told me to call investigator . he looks off to the side where there was an empty pill bottle with a seed in it. Dch was called and they took that and my grinder and scales. When dhr was called they was going to take my grandson can all this be thrown out because he wasnt invited in and wasnt there for any warrents

  98. Anyone who has been a part of this sh#t we can the Justice system and had to deal with the micro dicked power hungry police knows it’s f#ckrd. A money making scheme that for our fcked up economies sake needs to stay in motion. F#ck the police. You want to change our help society. Rebel. Disobey. Not add in her yourself arrested but challenge these pieces of sh#t. It goes all the way to the top. It is evil. It is the downfall of society. The torching of our declaration of Independence. Our civil rights are a f*ckng joke to these pig fcks. To those saying “don’t get in trouble and you won’t have to deal with it, don’t break the law, don’t be a pot head” you people are blind fcking sheep. Please die. You are wasting the air that the only hope for a peaceful future for our kids will need to breathe. Until it’s at your door you don’t do shit. It will be knocking. I looked brown in Utah. Crime? Apparently so. I’m white but I would say I was Hispanic just to fight for our rights as humans if it opens some eyes. Habla English is the first thing I hear often when approached by brainwashed douchebags cops. And I hate putting everyone in a stereotypical group as they do to us who are not “one of their own” but if you can be a part of this system as a means to make money. As your job, as anything but a victim to this sh*t system then you are part of the problem. There is maybe a 1-5% of cops who in my opinion shouldn’t be locked up because they are a gang. The mob. The f*cking evil in this world. Cops… S#ck my f*cking d*ck and die. We will self police. You steal we deal accordingly, you murder, you die, you rape, you get raped… And die. Cops can do all this, get paid leave, paid legal aid, vacation and then back to fcking lives up. F*ck the bitch ass police.

  99. I was stopped In a traffic stop, as a passenger, I Alabama. I was arrested for possession of dtugs when the officers thought that the pill was a xanax, when it was nothing more than a blood pressure pill. Is this legal.

  100. If the cops came in my house found a little bit of drugs but gave me no citation no court date can I still be charged for this

  101. Looking for help or comments in this matter. Miami County, Kansas put a felony fleeing and eluding warrant out on my husband when they said they chased my vehicle yet did not catch it! then 2 weeks later tackled my husband on the sidewalk saying they had a fleeing and eluding warrant for him proceeded to search him following charged him with things that were found in the search? also my husband was NO where near my vehicle at the time yet they allowed 3 adults in my vehicle walk away then charged my husband with what was found in my car as well? He now sits in a federal holding facility awaiting a plea or trail?

  102. Hi thanks for having a place to inquire or at least air frustration and disbelief. Tonight walked to car to find a citation on windshield, it says for tabs diaplayed are 04 – 2017 ? I go to rear plate to double check and the tags are 04 2018? So what do i do? Who can help with being wrongfully given a ticket?

  103. Hi any suggestions as to what to do if was given a ticket for tags being 04 – 17 but truth is tags say 04 – 18. How to get this out of system?

  104. If you smoke weed, can you own a gun if it’s locked up or not on the property to avoid the federal charge of being in possession of a firearm at the sence of a crime? To be able to take a misdemeanor and keep your second amendment right by not becoming a felon?

  105. My son got a text from a friend that he had known since grade school. He said this guy wanted to buy a ounce of weed. My son thought on it because he just smoked it not sold it. He texted him the number. My son thought about it it long & hard & said ok. So he texted him back BUT texted the last number of my ONE digit!! Who does it go into but the head of Metro! They texted back & played along. He meant then at a store along with his estranged girlfriend which they had just started hanging out again that day. When they pulled pull, my son went to get out of his car to bring him the ounce but he said no just hand it over. He couldn’t reach it. Without thinking the girlfriend touched it! They identified themselves as undercover cops. They questioned them, then brought them back to their apt & searched it. Found nothing. When he was 16 my dumbass daughters estranged husband was in a gang. She worked him NEVER ask HIM to join. He did though for one yr. Never did anything illegal & got his tattoo covered up when he turned 18. No priors. They then told him they would supply him with a room, get back into the gang & sell 3 8 balls. My son refused. Atf even asked him & he said no. 3 weeks later they arrested them. Got her with Sale of a Controlled Substance (weed) & him with conspiracy with intent (weed). They bonded our the next day & he assumed he lost his job but he got it back. Been working 2 weeks. He had fake piss on him because he knew he had a atleast 1 to 2 weeks before weed would be out of his system. Head of Metro told him since he wouldn’t snitch they would prosecute to the fullest the day he was booked. He got fired yesterday because the atf agent faxed over a copy of his fake piss bottle to hr. My point is as a parent: He admitted what he did was wrong, wasn’t going into that world of gang & meth, or chance of bullet to the head. He needed to get his head back on straight, back to work & face trial time. His girlfriend has a previous felony. Paid her fine off 3 yrs ago & got gold seal & 2 yrs to go. Also friend won’t give this guy’s last name that he supposedly was suppose to text & what’s the odds of texting one number off & it going into metro? Set up?

  106. , I don’t have a comment in so much as I have a question if my house was to get shot up and my grandmother was to call the police ,the police asked us to exit the house so they can search it make sure it was okay and no one was hurt ,then they see me with both arms tatted up in tank top and shorts so they pulled me to the side and told me to put my hands up and they they frisk me and they found drugs on me is that illegal search and procedure seeing as how I was the victim, our family was the ones who called the police yet I was profiled because of my prison tattoos and had gang intelligence harassing me all night long? Again is this illegal searching procedure and do I have any way of fighting this

  107. Say your under 18 and your parents are having a custody battle and the cps worker takes interest in the father and allows him to smoke and possess weed but puts the mother in jail…what can be done about this?

  108. My husband left his gun on my car and i went to buy something on the store and i got stoped by a cop and i dont have a permit to show them because its not mine what will happen?

  109. I have only read about two dozen of the remarks that come off and its about anything about what’s going on in the world today about everything that’s gone the usa aswell or fighting each other for what we believe in. Left or right ring or not. In the Constitution starts. We The People. So let’s be those people.Lets come together right now out what story We control everything not the government you got to understand that so we the people come together not these politicians over paid lobbyists and politicians and get handle on Congress.

  110. need to know arkansaa law on being a passenger in a vehicle…. were pulled over in a friends truck… the driver was on probation/parole so they searched the vehicle… but did not ask me to search my personal belongings, such as my purse and over night bag. is this legal????

  111. My son was stopped for an illegal license plate. They found paraphonaila in his car. After traffic stop arrested him and then got search warrant for house. My question is is it legal for your house to be searched after a traffic stop. I feel like OK someone can get stopped for speeding and then they can search your home if they feel need be.

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  113. Police say they saw me with a bag of substance I’m my hand. By the time they arrived I had the bag in my buttocks. They cut my jeans open with a knife and went inside my buttocks and retreived the substance. Of course befor the done so I refused a search of my buttocks area. Is this legal. Need advice? Happend In Wash DC.

  114. I had a situation where private security guards found reasonable cause to detain me during a petty theft situation at a store. They put me in hand cuffs cause I stole shoes out of the store by putting them on my feet. I did not conceal them, does that give them right to check my bag? I cooperated the whole time.

  115. They say your rights of being searched is that the police even of the same sex can not touch your genital area, but I was pulled because the police said he seen my passenger and new she had no license and thought she was driving, even though he said he saw her before he pulled me and came straight to the passengers side to speak to her and made us get out . when we asked why he said so we wouldn’t get dog bit and proceeded to have dog search. Of course the dog said there was drugs I don’t know what sign the dog gave to tell them which they claim gave them the right to search us and the car. We were taken into a store bath room and while on crutches because I only have one leg my pants and underwear was pulled down and the police took her ring and middle finger and spreader the front of my privates apart. I havent been able to let that bad feeling go i felt like what they explain to molested victims as a bad touch, I just wanted to cry i didn’t know what to do. After searching the car 3 times they found nothing. I asked if we were free to go and the police said he want happy about it but yes. So is there anything I can do about the police molesting an handicapped person (me). Pretty much on the side of the road.

  116. Can a police officer arrest you for visiting their town after they said they would even if you did nothing illegal? A police officer stopped me because I looked suspicious and told me if I ever come back to that town he would lock me up. Is this illegal if I did nothing wrong?

    I use OXYCODONE. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania made it very difficult for anyone to get such a prescription. The Pharmacy takes a very long time to fill my subscription as the Pharmacy Staff seem to be looking at me while playing doctor. I loudly complained to the Pharmacy Owner and told him that it will take 5 minutes at the other pharmacy I use. After telling the owner such, it took about 1 minute to get my OXYCODONE. I think they reported to my local police department that I get OXYCODONE because a day later, a police cruiser passed in front of me while at a traffic signal. I made a right turn and the cruiser pulled over about 150 yards up the road. It seems the Officer was waiting for me, something that has never happened to me before. After I passed and pulled into my Parking Lot, the cruiser drove away. I guess he was satisfied that I was driving OK, was wearing my seat belt, and had no burned out lights on my car. On the OXYCODONE literature received from my pharmacy, it states “DO NOT DRIVE, OPERATE MACHINERY, OR DO ANYTHING ELSE THAT COULD BE DANGEROUS until you know how you react to this medicine.” The fact is that OXYCODONE does not affect my ability to Drive an Automobile. I have been using OXYCODONE and Driving Automobiles for about 15 years.
    Let us assume for now that the Police Department knows nothing about my OXYCODONE Prescription, that the cruiser simply pulled over to pick up his coffee cup which fell over. In the future, if a Police Officer pulls me over for a moving violation or to simply say hello, and would ask me if I use any Prescription Medication, do I need to respond “yes”, or can I simply state that I do not wish to answer any questions? If I say no and he knows that I do use OXYCODONE, I will get in trouble for lying. There is no way I can prove where he got his information about the OXYCODONE, but the fact will remain that I did lie to an officer. I guess my only option to protect my rights and privacy is to keep stating that I do not wish to answer any questions, and hope that I did not forget to wear my surveillance devices so I can have recordings about not giving him permission to harass me further, or search me or my motor vehicle. Does anyone have any advice? Am I legally required to tell an Officer that I am using OXYCODONE within the limits required by my Prescription? By telling an Officer that I am using OXYCODONE and show him the Prescription Bottle, not only will the Local Police Department always know forever that I use OXYCODONE, but they will always have a cause to take me for a blood test or call an Ambulance to withdraw blood, whenever they feel like pulling me over!!!

  118. Ok… So what does the law state about a passenger that is not being detained being dropped off at anywhere other than a safe haven? Are they or are they not supposed to take that civilian to a safe place other than a gas station at 2 am? Where they don’t know anyone or anything about that town/city.

  119. ok i did taj]ke a xanx an got pulled over i have PTSD anxity an biplor moodisoder but the doc didnt give me the xanx im 27 never been in no kind of trouble at all so clean an pluse i do have a licens what will they do to me i spent the night in the drunk tank he said i was so high my legs was shaking my fucking leges was shaking cause i waas really torn up at that time can enyone know what they are gonna do to me ???? im so scared !!!!>>.

  120. My son was in a work release center asleep at the time a inmate kept going over trying to wake him,guards got suspicious and woke my son and went through his stuff and found drugs, the officer let him go back to sleep and a few days later they arrested him for the drugs! Has the chain of custody been broken in this case?

  121. While watching an episode of Live P.D. I saw an officer search a womans wallet, then read her prescription on live television. He questioned her about five being gone from the prescription bottle filled that day when the dosage for the day should have been three times per day. The city of the incident was on the corner of the screen and he referred to her by her first name. Did he violate her right to medical privacy? This program continually tells detainees that the cameramen are doing a documentary on the officers and have a legal right to film because they are a news organization however, unlike the news, they rebroadcast this program on re-runs and ride in the police cars with police. I believe the network should be required to have consent from those being filmed before they are allowed to broadcast their image.

  122. My daughter just recently started college and has gotten pulled over by the same cop lady. The first time was for going faster than speed limit but the sign had been hit and she did not know what it was cause it was her first day there. Then today she texts me and said that she pulled her over again cause the gas lid was open and won’t stay shut. She tells her that she needs to tape it shut cause someone could get hit by it or another vehicle. Can she really do anything about that and make her tape it as the tape would leave a sticky residue on the paint and someone or the vehicle would have to be really close for it to hit someone or the other vehicle. We live in Arkansas and I have tried finding info on this matter and led me to this site. So I’m trying to figure out what she can do to keep her off her back and let her know her rights.


  123. If I get pulled over, (I always set cruise control, always use my turn signals, always drive 100% legally so there should never be a reason to pull me over.) am I obligated to roll down my window? I know police try to say it’s for their safety and that We are required to roll down the window but what about my safety ? I should definitely be allowed to refuse to roll down my window for MY safety bc he has a gun hoisted on his hip. Obviously all police are liars and WILL lie to get you to incriminate yourself And most police officers are corrupt, and plant things as I have experienced first hand corrupt police officers. I Personally KNOW corrupt police, who laugh and brag about being corrupt. (Sad and infuriating) so my main questions are,
    1. Am I legally required to roll down my window or can I refuse?

    2. All minor traffic stops can be done from inside my vehicle with the window rolled up, as long as my information is visible up against the glass? Correct or incorrect?

    3. Does an officer have to give me a reason for pulling me over before he asks for my license, registration and proof of insurance? Or can he just pull me over for no reason and demand my information? Pulling someone over without cause is concidered profiling correct or incorrect? Which is also illegal correct or incorrect?

    4. If a citizen LIES to an officer, it’s considered obstruction of justice, but if an officer LIES to a citizen to trick them into incriminating themselves, the officers are technically sovereign citizens because they do it constantly and there are no consequences. It’s legal for them to lie to us but illegal for us to lie to them?

  124. I was careless driving and was followed by an undercover cop and i did not get pulled over and they came and found me at school the next day and gave me a ticket can they give me a ticket since i didn’t get pulled over and ticketed when I did the crime?

  125. My fiance is currently being held on a probation violation assult on a officer and fleaing and alluding… He walked into a fast food resteraunt and the police officers were standing there, mind you the were in street clothes, no gun, no badges, not even a cop car, or radio on them for that matter. My fiance gets his food and proceeds to his vehicle he gets in 2 of the officers come out to the car they said you have a felony warrant didn’t identify themselves to even be police. The one officer reached his arm thru the window and unlocked the door the other cop jumped in the back, well tried but at this point my fiance was backing out the cop in the back got hurt because of his own actions my fiance didn’t knowingly nor willingly hurt a police officer what laws is there for this all they have is the police officers statement. He has a public defender that’s never been to trial I am so nervous but I know this isn’t right and he shouldn’t get years of his life taken for the officers actions whom he didn’t know was a officer

  126. I have an interesting case anyone have any advice my laywer isent very good but she’s probably right on this one anyways I’m going to trial by jury in 2 weeks I was at a friends I was not the home owner here is my public arrest affidavit neither the first 3 pets of the store were truennore did they find anything except for cocaine on table in between me and homeowner and he is going on stand claiming it’s his anyways long story short I stopped by a friends trailer and the 2 residents him and his girlfriend were not suppost to be staying there the actual residents had left the day before I did not kno so the owners called to have them tresspassed cops came one snuck up behind the shed listend to me and home owners conversation heard he says me say hide that and that gives him cause to come inside the shed where in plain view a plate with cocaine o the table in between me and the homeowner aka person staying there for months bei not suppose to be there that day day before was last day we both got the charge friend is ya

    Saying it’s his I’m denying going to trial end of month any ideas or laws on constructive possession in Florida more details available if needes

    • If 3 guys got pulled over and the police found a bag of weed and took everyone to jail but one of the guys claimed the bag but the police will not let them sign an affidavit, what do they do? One has a gaming license and is at risk of losing it.

  127. my parents got arrested for weed and i also smoke, my parents say that the police can drug test me whenever they want, is this true? if so should i stop smoking?

  128. Can a detective tell you he wants to meet to show you pictures and that he’s got sales charges on you but there’s no warrant what should I do

  129. What if someone entered your home, pet building and garages all locked while being away,
    cops do not know anything about our house and home or life being investigated by anyone of the law and your not wanted or in trouble either…This person moved stuff but nothing stolen, but now you notice they are talking about property in your area that no one told anyone about and rubbing it in and your like what the heck? Like they have your keys for your home and pet building or car and you never gave them those items and your missing a part from inside the computer that holds information and it iss never found anywhere, hoping they won’t be pulling I.P. writing on internet with twin copied computer to set you up looking like you are the writer on the internet and other stuff to set you up! That is breaking and entering the back of a locked computer in- your own house one a computer which my computer doctor says they are only allowed to do by real police, FBI or with professional working fixing problems with the brain part of the computer! That is stealing from the USA mail department ad of same type laws and an offence! Right!?and now you have no idea if they have anything in your home spying on you excetra or if they could hurt you while sleeping if they came in and you did not change the lochs a on your home!!A computer professional man took note and they may have reported this!

  130. if somebody get pulled over searched and arrested for drug possession in the parking lot of a hotel they are staying at can the cops or the hotel manager refuse you for getting your stuff out of the room without a warrant. This is in the state of minnesota

  131. Ok my cousin was at a store they said she was shop lifting the cops come keep in mind they do know who she is detain her she has receipts they let her go the go in the bath room and find drugs in the garbage can and some scales with just her first name so then they blue light them she was the passenger pull the over and ask her some more questions. Then they say well we will send them off for fingerprints analysis. Will this stand up in court

  132. What do you think about someone who does their own investigation or police mocking patrolling in the area or neighborhood ?/paying a friend, doctor or fake investigator without real authorities knowledge in that local real patrolled area or state…Following everything they do even at home, even have people reporting their working habits unknown by employer… , setting them up as a offender or watch out for that trouble maker status type situation , then implanted without being a real offender/trouble maker without any witnessed or lawyer or judges acknowledgment and for revenge alone, with a illegal signaled implanted stalking implant putting that person in danger of possible hackings through dangerous others who know how to hack possibly hoping for dangerous situation of that victime so the revengers can get away with what ever happens to that person? People are worried about implant illegal or labeling illegal activity and are hearing people talking about how they can get rid of people they don’t like in their area, neighborhoods or even jobs because of that personal gang group or families labeling!

  133. I live in the Laughlin Nevada and Bullhead City is just a few miles and basically where I have to go for food and doctors etc. I was at the park when police approached me and asked if I had some marijuana and or smoked some and I replied yes but I smoked it at home and the bag I had it in was over in my cart that was 3 feet away from me. They ended up giving me a warning for the drugs and pipe stating I need a medical card for Arizona but I told them I lived in Nevada and had my letter from my doctor stating I did need it for medical proposes. They left but then returned stating I had a warrant from 2015 which was a bad check and arrested me for that. When we got to the station they said they added the drug charges since I could not produce a medical card from Arizona. I am going to court tomorrow on this all over a person at that park calling them and giving them my information on the pot and not having a drug medical card. All of this just because I would not give him any of what I just purchased at the Marijuana store in Needles. Now I go to court on Drug Charges in Bullhead City Arizona. I am a retired Merchant Marine and I am not a drug user but they want me to do drug court?

  134. I live in medford Oregon and the house I live at was raided by the sheriff’s now they found a bag with a little bit of residue they charge my boyfriend and I for the same bag is this legal can they legally charge us both. And my boyfriend told them it was his and they still charged me

  135. i have a question, in texas if a cop is off duty walking around and smells marijuana from a certain car can he mail you a ticket with your license plate?

  136. I can’t see well at night so I had my recently new boyfriend drive me home only know each other few weeks I bought a handgun month ago because I have a had hit out out on md by enemy and I have a crazy ex that threatened to kill me last time we broke up so I was keeping protection with me with out anyone’s knowledge got pulled over and boyfriend was a felon and driving my car even though he did not have any knowledge gun was in car they charged him with felon in poss of fire arm after we both told cop he had no idea it was in vechicle and took my gun what can I do as guilty party of getting him arrested unintentional for my firearm that he wasn’t even aware of its existence what can I do to help him now

  137. So I’m a little concerned. I’m staying at a hotel currently and I let my sister take a shower here she lost her keys and had me pick them up in the office. The supervisor asked me for my name when they handed the keys to me. A few hours earlier when she had me look to see if she left them in her car I noticed she had a form of paraphernalia in the driver console. I’m freaking out, maybe I’m overthinking but I want to be safe and I like renting hotels out from here

  138. My son is being charged with possession of my Adderall (State of Michigan). He had and continues to have a legal prescription for it. He even provided his court appointed attorney a print-out from his pharmacy showing that he had a legal prescription at that time and even before that time.

    I gave my son some of my Adderall because he recently switched jobs and didn’t have insurance to cover the astronomical cost of his prescription for Adderall. He couldn’t stop taking it or he would have self destructed guaranteeing the loss of his new job . I never exceeded his prescription dosage, if anything he was getting less than his normal dose.

    The offense occurred in July of 2019.

    7/25/19 initial appearance
    8/26/19 adjourned initial appearance-prelim requested
    12/17/19 waiver of prelim-waived prelim/ pre-trial conf scheduled 2/7/20
    2/7/20 jury trial scheduled 6/17/20
    5/22/20 final pre-trial scheduled 6/17/20
    6/17/20 jury trial scheduled 11/18/20
    10/15/21 phone conference scheduled 1/28/21

    He has been laid off of work since March 26th 2020 and has not been called back due to covid-19. He has been turned down for employment due to this Felony hanging over his head.

    My son was in possession of Adderall pursuant to a valid prescription and his right to a speedy trial has been violated.

    We don’t know what to do. He doesn’t have money to hire an atty, so he is stuck with the court appointed atty. We aren’t in any position to help him either since my husband is currently fighting to get his long term disability.

    Any advice is appreciated. Thank you

  139. Can you legally be pulled over for driving a vehicle at any time of the day if the vehicle is registered to a person who is on an ankle monitoring system? And the person who is on the ankle monitor is in fact at home and there is no indication they are not there? Just something I was wondering and wanted to know if anyone else has any thoughts. Thank you

  140. i have a question? okay, so i was parked watching a fireworks with my buddy of mine, we was just sitting there jamming out having a good time It was new year’s eve who doesn’t watch fire works on new years anyways we wasn’t smoke or doing any illegal drugs in my truck or nothing illegal was out in the open to see. a cop came up and turned on his lights and came up to my window and for my Identification and Registration so i gave it to him he wanted me to get out of my truck so i did and he immediately started putting handcuffs on me. i asked why am i being arrested he said your not your being detained i said why am i being detained he responded and said just look forward stand straight and shut up! he then went to go out hand cuffs on my buddy and my buddy took off running he ran after him and tried to taze him missed and kept running after him i was left at the scene for 7 or 8 mins a cop finally came up and came up to me and said we’ll i’m going to put you in the back of my car so your not standing out here in the cold and me lining like i’m an asshole. so he put me in the back of his care they finally caught my buddy and put him in a car took me out of the car i was in and put me in the same car with him as he was throwing up in the floor on his side. and took me to jail. at the time they didn’t find any drugs or anything on me at all i didn’t even tell them yes they could Search my truck anyways they found less then a gram of meth in my truck, there’s more to the story well i got bailed out of jail and went to get my truck out of the pound and i got in my truck and they had had my phone plugged up and it’s was hanging on my magnet thing in my window i didn’t have my phone plugged up or in the window it was in my floor bored cause i remember it fell in the floor when i went to get out of my truck for the officer
    anyways i got in my truck me it was trashed they went throw everything and didn’t put it back i when to go get my back pack in that was in the floor of the passenger side of my truck and i open it and what do i see a pipe in plane view site no way in hell they didn’t see it it was sitting in my back pack of all the stuff they didn’t put back in the right spot in my backpack, it was even sitting on a rag the rage was opened perfectly and the pipe was in the middle of the rag i used to roll my pipes up in a rag like you would do with a Barito and o know it had a gram of shit in it still.
    Later in that night i went to my friends house to go hangout ive been knowing and going to this friends house since 5years old. i was leaving my friends house and notice a cop was chilling where the trees shadows from the street light. i didn’t point it out or make it look noticeable that i see the officer. i got in my truck and started driving the cop Immediately started following me and pulled me over cause he said i didn’t turn my blinker on fast enough at the Stop sign. My Friend Ke was with me cause she needed a ride home. i pulled off tot he side of the road and the cop came up to my window and asked you know why i pulled you over i soaf no sit he said the blinker thing and he said btw you would by chance have a pipe on you would you? after he asked that three other cop cars pulled up “which i didn’t i wouldn’t carry anything after getting arrested. the cops made me get out the truck and made me stand in the cold for about 10mins me they searched my truck from the outside they looked everywhere throw the windows the bed of my truck which there was nothing in the bed but they looked with there flashlights and i didn’t have my jacket on cause i had the heater on in my truck and i kept putting my hand under my arm pits to keep them warm and they started yelling keep your arms down and out. they eventually let me go with a warning and i left. out of all that there’s got to be so type of advise to what i can ask my attorney or research? i found out with a court appointed attorney you have to ask and do the work nda do the research for your attorney to get info. btw the court appointed me an attorney and waited 9 months till i got indicted to tell me the entire time i was talking to this attorney it was the wrong attorney the courts a-signed me the wrong attorney wtf now i only have a week to get my cause together cause the attorney i didn’t have wouldn’t answer the phone for 3 or 4 weeks and since covid i couldn’t go in the office now the attorney answers sometimes but i haven’t even yet got to see my Discovery packag. PLEASE HELP ME WITH SOMETHING!

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