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  1. I am disabled, 61 year old single woman, and when the police arrived walked inside my home while I was naked. Even though I had been drinking, had been just raped and assaulted by an acquaintance of barely 2 minths..police arrested me without saying WHY? Nor what They were arresting me for when they handcuffed me put me in an ambulance then hauled off to jail. My defending ATTORNEY has given me copy of the body camera video showing I had no BRUISING, no SWOLLEN EUE SHUT, no bruises down my jaw bone nor across my forehead nor no BRUISING on my legs without any DART GUN HOLES IN my skin. Until I arrived once inside the jail. THOSE VIDEOS have been suppressed from me by police. They don’t want me to see what they did to my inside jail. I have massive BRUISING, face and eye swollen shut, DART GUN HOLES everywhere in my legs and feet and palms of my hands. My TEETH were broken off leaving roots in my gums, migraines I’ve never had BEFORE, PTSD, you name it. I was TERRORIZED and brutally attacked by police inside the jail. I DO HAVE PICTURES OF me before just hours of and after taking me to jail. I captured many pictures off from the cops body cam video. And took my injuries pictures several days later after getting out of jail. There is still no reasonable cause filed inside County Clerks COURT office.
    How can I put this on your website? I can’t find the right area I’m allowed to do so at.
    Let me know,
    Sincerely Michele Malloy

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