Email: info at dc414
GPG Public key


Name: ngharo
Title: President
Email: ngharo at dc414

Name: darkwind
Title: Grand chancellor of the intertubes and cats
Email: darkwind at dc414

Name: Vladimir
Title: Technologist Extraordinaire
Contact: vlad at dc414

Name: Faraday (F4R4D4Y)
Title: Das übergruppenfaraday
A.K.A. “The Instigator”

Name: P1nky
Title: The Wrench
Contact: P1nky on Discord

==Honored Former Members==
Kernel Panic
Anarchy Angel

13 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Just requested membership on email list and facebook group. Moved to Milwaukee and looking for a good security group to meet up with. I stupidly missed the august meeting, but hope to pop in next time.

  2. My name is Debby. I was watching the news and watched your interview. May I ask what exactly dc414 organization does, what it the purpose. I am in school for web design for beginners and would like to find out more about your organization.



  3. I need help I want to contact the person in charge of the defcon in Vegas for next year so I can see about setting up a booth to challenge all the hackers with with a new software I’m creating to see if they can hack into it and I’ll offer an award a $50 gift card for Walmart. How do I contact the person? I can’t find any way to call only email and I get no response plus I get a lot of server errors when I click on links.

    Please send a response to my email thanks
    Almost forgot my email

  4. I’m taking a Cybersecurity management degree and I don’t have an IT background. Would it possible for me to join the group and learn from you guys. I would like to attend your March 3, meeting if I can?

    Thank you

  5. Hey I just wanted to ask are there any meetings like this in Europe?
    If yes can you tell me where?
    I’m from Croatia and I want to join group like this

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