December Meeting Recap

Boop.  Under construction for now.

An administrative header:

  1. We are indeed horrible at updating the site.  I pledge to fix this, but I’ve said that before.
  2. Meetings will always happen.  First Friday of the month.  Click that calendar in your taskbar.  Is it the first Friday of the month? Yes? Then we have a meeting at 7 and you should be there, even if you get there late, don’t worry.  Today is not the first Friday? Then get hyped for the next meeting. Also:
  3. I was locked out of my account and had problems resetting it.  The root problem was found to be related to salty meat that comes in a can.  In other words: SPAM.  As you can tell, I’m back in now.
  4. Meetings do have rules, DC414 has rules.  I’m not bothered to define them right now, but I want to establish that we’re not crazy anarchistic and if something bugs you about a meeting, let us know.  We really only say something if it gets to be a problem.  In summary, our rules derive from DEFCON, and are mostly “Don’t be a dick”
  5. The Meeting Recaps are what I’ve seen, or what the other writers have seen.  There is almost always some other cool thing that I didn’t see or write down.  If I missed a cool thing that happened, just give me a writeup on it and I’ll get it out there.
  6. We are really growing.  Seriously, about 20 or more per meeting, lots of fun things.  And we’re glad you showed up even if we didn’t get a chance to tell you that directly.

Okay, so on to a summary of cool things we did this past meeting.  I’ll update with video and images when I can.

Under construction.

Lots of chatter

This meeting was a lot more social.  Less demos, and more talking with each other.  Seems to just be the December motif, and that’s fine if it is more social than demos. Lots of beer swapping, candy, and candy corn beer.

Nothing that a good probing can’t fix

There was discussion over tracking down a possible break in an ethernet cable at someone’s place of business.  Another hacker was kind enough to bring in an amplifier probe, and demo’d how that would track down a break.


Safe Dial

Messed around with a safe dial that was mounted on an orange acrylic stand.  We didn’t know the combination, but we figured it out. And then set a new one.

And in a first for DC414, I will include the details of that combination:

We chose to do the square of 414.  414 x 414.  Which is 171396.  So the combination is 17-13-96.  Congrats, you know the combination to a lock on an acrylic stand, that secures nothing.  It is a really janky combination, and talk to one of us and we’ll go over why.

This lock will also probably be tuned and updated.  We’ll practice safe dial manipulation later.

But can you pick it with a fork?

This will be the writeup on the lock that we picked with a plastic fork.  Pictures and video support this, and will be put here in a fun writeup.

So, again, under construction, but I’m getting something out there as soon as I can.

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