DEFCON badge files ripped!

Many thanks to Klaiviel, Vladimir, and dw5304 for their fast work at getting these badges ripped! We have recorded the contents of all badges that we know of (human, vendor, contest, artist, goon, speaker) and uploaded the contents in both lossy and lossless formats.

If you’d like to listen, please download the lossy file at THIS location.  We have also added the lossless encoding (as best as we can do under the circumstances) at THIS location.  It’s a 119Mb file.

Update: Although we have been told they are all identically stamped, we did digitize every badge we could find. Those have been uploaded as well — just list the folder if you want them. Thanks to those who allowed us to record their badges:

human – white – dw5304
blue – speaker – Jose
green – vendor –
yellow – press – @techjournalist
clear – artist – DarrenBob
red – goon – Kentzonestar
gold – contest – TombOfTheUnknownGoon


-darkwind & vlad

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