Openings at dc414!

Running dc414 is a big job and we need help! We have a few openings in the ranks if anyone is up to the challenge. There is no pay but there is a few perks.

Current openings:

Web Master. – This person is responsible for all things website. Making posts, replying to people that comment on posts and notify the rest of the crew of things that pop up that requires their attention. We also want to move away from our current CMS to something else and you will be in charge of most of that transfer.

Graphics ninja. – Many parts of dc414 could use a good face lift and this person will be responsible for that, as well as many other projects.

Tech monkey. – Someone that holds, maintains and sets up all dc414 donated hardware at events.

Booty keeper. – Someone to collect and manage donations.

If you think you have what it takes to fill these spots please let me know, anarchy at dc414 dot org

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