A call for help!

Hey everyone, I need some help getting the word out for the know your rights event. If anyone in MKE can spare some time to pin up a few flyers please let me know. Anyone who helps out will get a free dc414 shirt. Some places I would like to see hit up are FUEL Cafe and Brewing Grounds For Change and any place like them. As well as other cafes and colleges and just anywhere you think is a good place to put flyers. So if you can help out drop me a line at anarchy@new.dc414.org Thank you.

3 thoughts on “A call for help!

  1. Any mediation office, or ACLU-based center would be great. ACLU supports these mediation centers, often located in an office near (or in) a county courthouse. The one in Waukesha is across the street from the County Courthouse on the corner. I can drop some off there

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