bucketworks PA project

Earlier last week I ended up making a new pa system for Bucketworks. Now what most people will not realize is everything at Bucketworks is hacked to gather and this is no different. I was asked to make a low power radio system for notifying people within Bucketworks for people at the door and other uses, seeing we would need to file for an fcc licence i decided to go another route and the Bucketworks pa project was born.

during our wondering around at Bucketworks we (paul,eli,and I) have come across manly things one of them things was an old pa speaker and I got to thinking does it still work? I ended up wiring one up to an amp, we found in the basement along with a old audio mixer seen below after finding out we had a bad 1/4″ cable.

and low and behold it worked.

The next step was to figure out where all the rest of the speakers were located and where to run the wires back to the server room where we were going to store the audio equipment. we ended up finding a total of 5 speakers wired them in and played some Pandora over the new pa system. I had to modify a cable to go from the “server” to the audio board.

I then set to making the Bucketworks pa bot. This bot is a windows client that logs in into an irc channel and organically just sent text to a text to speech function over the sound board. I expanded it to authenticate, noaa weather warnings, play music, tell the time and a few other functions.

After showing it to a few guys we ended up hearing this and we all started laughing.

and the Bucketworks pa project was complete.
If there is any interest i will upload the code if it is wanted.

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