dc414.org now hosting a tor exit node!!

dc414 is now hosting a tor exit node on our main server!! That’s two nodes running full time under the dc414 banner!

Here is the info on the tor server on dc414 – http://torstatus.blutmagie.de/router_detail.php?FP=0df6b76f92abbad09dfef4f2e3748c9ad75fe12c

Here is the info on the tor server I run from my house – http://torstatus.blutmagie.de/router_detail.php?FP=D6859BFF04AD1267DFC7B5646ED2A304B824FC21

I hope others follow our lead and set up exit nodes where ever they can! Got one running now? Comment to this post or send it in to us and we will drink a beer in your honor, for a job well done!

3 thoughts on “dc414.org now hosting a tor exit node!!

    • One thing I found is that the torproject has awesome docs. I followed the “running and exit” node doc closely.

      We’ve got a new, dedicated IP for the exit node, reverse DNS setup, reduced exit policy, and an exit notice for anyone visiting the IP/hostname in their browser. Also cap at throughput at 10mbit. It gets a bit unwieldy but it’s a great way to eat up our allocated bandwidth per month.


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