November 2012 Meeting Recap

We had a great turnout this meeting.  At least 4 new people showed up!

The night started out with introductions and updates on any member projects going on.  It was interesting to hear the new people give a quick overview of what they’re interested in.  We hope to see them again next month.

We started the fun with Anarchy giving a remote demo of BeEF and Metasploit.  It was very interesting and raised many questions (which is always a good thing).  He demonstrated how to take over a browser session using a BeEF JavaScript inclusion in IE.  BeEF relied on XHR requests to a HTTP server it had launched to execute code on the client’s browser session.

Darkwind gave another demo of FLEX pager decoding using his modified scanner radio which piped audio into his laptop that had software running to decode the FLEX protocol.  Always interesting to see potentially private information flying around over old school pagers.  Still very popular in the medical and alerting agencies.  There was a lot of interesting discussions happening and projects to look at while the projector showed incoming pages.  T3 had his oscilloscope and was looking at ethernet signals, which is very neat if you haven’t seen it.  One can identify physical problems in cable just by looking at the patterns.

F4R4D4Y donated items (covert lock-picking set and roll of solder) for the free junk giveaway which went to Castor and CoderDX.  Thanks for everyone pitching in a few bucks to keep the server up and beer flowing!

Til next time…

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