dc414 @ barcampmke7

Last years barcampmke was awesome, everyone had lots of fun and met some great people. Some of you might remember we had a little stand last year and ran the good old wall of sheep, well we liked it so much that this year we decided to become an official sponsor of barcampmke and expand our operations. This year we will not only be doing the the wall of sheep, but we will also be running a lockpick and tamper evident village, cat5 cable making couples contest, plus giving away free beer!! To get a free beer you have to either pick a lock from the village in under 2 minutes or reveal the secret message contained in a package secured with tamper evident lables, tape, lock seals, and tug tights, or beat your competitor to making a working cat5 cable! So sharpen up on your skills and win some free beer! See you at barcamp.

7 thoughts on “dc414 @ barcampmke7

  1. I know I have some spools of 5e in the garage, I know its not as old to be just cat5 and not exactly sure how much is on these rolls offhand

    I have some nice crimpers, but ima chain them down.

    • Well we will keep them behind the counter or what ever anyhow, ppl have to tell us when they plan to do the contest so we can watch.

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