WIN a free pass to THOTCON 0x3 and go with dc414!

Ngharo and I will be giving a talk at THOTCON 0x3 in April and one “maybe two” lucky dc414 member(s) are coming with us! Our talk is titled “How I fucked your grandma”. It’s about the security implications of social communication, activity/wellness monitoring and home automation technology we are putting in the homes of the elderly designed for aging in place and the risks that go with it. It should be a good time and I know a good number of other dc414 members already have tickets so im sure we will also be raising some hell as well! 🙂 As a speaker I will have access to free beer….I hope our talk is early… if not I hope I’m not too wasted to stand by the time we go up, lol, and I hope to see you there!

For a chance to win a free ticket to THOTCON 0x3 just be at the next dc414 meeting, it will be part of the dc414 free junk give away.

2 thoughts on “WIN a free pass to THOTCON 0x3 and go with dc414!

  1. In before GILF comment.

    I wonder if 96 485.3399 ± 0.0024 coulombs Jr would enjoy the event. Is it 18+ you think from the possible ‘Top Secret’ location? Says 21 to drink, but the inverse is up to interpretation.

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