dc414 November meeting’s awesomeness

Well Novembers meeting was one of our best for sure! Many thanks to James and Bucketworks for putting the safe opening event together and letting us play with your locks and junk, you are the best! It all started with everyone just fucking off enjoying some snacks, cold beers, and some tunes. Then Klaiviel and James got the party started.

Klaiviel gave us a little intro to the safe, its lock, and some of the history all the while James was playing the roll of Geraldo all too well and dropping the lulz like no one. Once the safe was open there was a mad dash to see what was inside!! Lots of brooms, paper and some beta tapes suspected to be vintage pron. Cmoney took lots of pictures and video “below” of the safe opening.

After the party died down a little bit we talked about a issue one of our members is having with china and how to resolve them. Then ngharo and I gave a small demo on physical security and some of the tools one might use. We focused on Switchblade and an Arduino USB keyboard emulator “this is a post for another day” to pwn the shit out of windows, man that was fun. Ok thats it, peace.

F4r4d4y jr won an IE6 admin pack
Winner of free dc414 junk

The following videos are just og the safe opening and viewing of the contents:


Full video of the party


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