September’s meeting was great!!

The last meeting was awesome as always! My SQLi presentation went well and i even got to do a little demo of iPillage, i took my IR Copy toy but didnt really get to play with it. dw5304, wowed all showing his remote boot system hes working on that needs only a NIC, and gave a little tut on surface soldering! It doesn’t stop there, Klaiviel schooled us all a little in HAM radio, how to track someone with it and how to get your message across the world! He also did a little lock pick demo and GAVE EVERYONE A FREE LOCK! Thanks bro! 🙂 I only took a few pictures this week and here they are.

Everyone got a free dc414 sticker for showing up as well as “Things to know if the FBI show up” cards from DEFCON19 and UCLA. We also got to use our new free junk give away random picker, thanks to ngharo for coding that up, and gave away a few LAN taps, and as always our free junk! Congrats go to Meg again for winning The NORTON Essentials for Mac or more of the crap i don’t want anymore 😛

Meg showing off her free dc414 junk

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