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Some of you maybe have seen this before, I had this post/tool on one of my old sites a long time ago. I am going to show you how to do a zone transfer using my online tool ODiG. Ok so its not really hacking but it can help you get a foot in the door. Wikipedia says a zone transfer also sometimes known by its (most common) opcode mnemonic AXFR, is a type of DNS transaction. It is one of the many mechanisms available for administrators to employ for replicating the databases containing the DNS data across a set of DNS servers. Zone transfer comes in two flavors, full (opcode AXFR) and incremental (IXFR). Nearly universal at one time, it is now becoming less popular in favor of the use of other database replication mechanisms that modern DNS server packages provide.

Ok so what all that means is a DNS zone transfer will give us all the subdomains a DNS has on record for a given domain. Like if we did a zone transfer on a DNS server that servces google we would get mail.google.com, code.google.com, images.google.com and so on. In other words giving you more access points into the network, now instead of just the www.target.com and what ever links you can find on the site you can attack anything they may have that goes out to the net. You might get lucky and find some test servers and who knows what else.

For testing I will be using morainepark.edu a local tech college. Now goto ODiG and use morainepark.edu as the target and in the query drop down select NS (nameserver), leave the rest as is, enter in the captcha and hit submit. Now we are looking for what ever DNS server holds records for the domain morainepark.edu so we will be looking in the “;; AUTHORITY SECTION:” and we see “morainepark.edu. 9863 IN NS dns.uw-mad.wiscnet.net” Here we see that dns.uw-mad.wiscnet.net is the DNS server that holds the records we want so now again go back to ODiG. Again put morainepark.edu as the target only this time put dns.uw-mad.wiscnet.net in the DNS server field and change the Query drop down box to AXFR (zone fransfer) enter in the captcha hit submit and you will be given all the records that DNS server holds for the morainepark.edu domain, now you can really get some scanning done!!

If you did the same thing to wisconsin.edu you would get a transfer failed message which will be the case with any secure DNS host. Now for the sake of security I wold hope ppl are pen-testing things before they expose them to the net, but more often then not they dont and that can get really messy! Securing BIND against this kind of information leak just edit /etc/bind.conf and add this line:
allow-transfer{;; };

Where and are the only address you will allow transfers to and from. To secure other DNS server software look here: HERE

2 thoughts on “Hacking with ODiG

  1. Hello.

    Thank you for the time you consecrate in writing these articles, they are all (or almost) very helpful and enlightening. Although I do not really understand how one could exploit this vulnerability, if you could enlighten me on that, it would be much appreciated.

    Thank you.

    • Well its more of a bad configuration then it is a vulnerability “it could be said they are one in the same” and all that is needed to take advantage of it is a DNS query tool like ODiG.

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