DIY 3 port powerless hub

Ever need a few extra ports for your network and didn’t want to spend more then a few dollars? Well dw5304 did, so he found a bunch of shit laying around his crib, made a little trip to radio shack and a few hours later he gives us the DIY 3 port powerless hub 😀 He was even nice enough to provide us with a easy follow along tut “complete with a list of tools/materials needed”, and some pics. Heres a few pics to start off with:

Download the tutorial HERE and make your own!! More pics inside. Many thanxs to dw5304 for all his hard work, dc414 wouldn’t be the same with out ya 😛

5 thoughts on “DIY 3 port powerless hub

  1. I’ve found drawing out the diode layout differently makes a clockwise and counter clockwise triad of diodes with an RJ45 socket at each point

    This could be put on a circuit board to look amazing visually.

    Great work, I love it!

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