Flytouch/wowPad 2 Adhoc hack

So i got my sweet ass Flytouch 2 “Android 2.1” last week, after rooting it and updating the firmware i was off having all kinds of fun with my new toy. Then i tried to connect to a Adhoc network “my phone” and was a bit taken back that not only could i not connect to adhoc networks but i couldn’t even see them in my network list. After some time on google and breaking of my wireless i found the right set up to get it working, but it wasn’t very user friendly to say the lest. So i put together a few scripts i/you/someone can use to turn adhoc support on and off with ease 🙂

QR code
After you download to your sdcard and unzip this go into the adhoc folder and edit the wpaon.conf file to point to your AP. Then turn your wifi off get into a term with root access, cd to the adhoc dir and run ahon like so “sh ahon” Then just turn your wifi back on and it should connect right up with the AP you put in wpaon.conf. In order for this to work you must have already rooted your device and have busybox installed.

Stuff i still need to do on this is getting flash to work and upgrading to android 2.2/2.3. If anyone can help me out please drop me a line. Ok thats it enjoy.

Contents of zip:
ahon #The script to turn Adhoc on
ahoff #The script to turn Adhoc off
wpaon.conf #The file you have to edit to point to your Adhoc AP
wpaoff.conf #File used by ahoff, just leave this guy alone
wpabackup #This script will back up your current wpa_supplicant.conf file, run this before using any other tool for the first time.