June 2011 meeting recap

I know this post is a little late but we have been busy with other stuff, and my mom always said better late then never. Valdimir started us off with a fun demo of his magnetic card reader “vid below”, which could also write to a card but he didnt have the right software, he said he will be getting the right stuff soon. Then he came out with the big guns, a 3G/cell phone jammer!! This thing was all kinds of fun, and i uploaded a little vid of one of the demos we did with it “bellow”. The awesomeness didn’t end there, dw5304 gave us a nice demo of ZFS and showed off some of its more robust features. One of my personal favorite features was being able to pipe snap shots to anything!! Congrats to Darkwind for beeing last meetings winner of free junk from dc414!! Here are some pics taken at dc414.

Darkwind and his winnings!

Vlad reading cards:

Vlad be jammin: