May Meeting Roundup

First off, thanks again to the Meetupery for hosting us this month.

We had a couple new faces — I hope they learned something! We started off with intros and learned about what everyone is working on. Ryan was working on a car-puter which peaked my interest quite a bit. Hopefully soon he’ll have something to show off and give a demo on! Doppler radar, say what!?

Darkwind kicked off the demos with some video footage he captured with his hacked together drone. Very cool and extremely cost effective. He captured some amazing footage of deer in his backyard. TIL that deer are memorized by a quadcopter flying 10 feet away from them. Klaiviel immediately was thinking how great it would be for hunting. I’d have to agree, although, It seems like not much of a challenge when you have an aerial view.

DW5304 gave us an old school ARP poisoning demo and explored more mass-SNMP scanning results of some home brew tools that basicdays, Vaerulf, and himself created. Impressive software leveraging zmap to quickly scan the entire internet for insecure SNMP daemons. 1.5 million of them if I remember correctly.

I recapped heartbleed for everyone and described how I was able to obtain RSA private keys using the exploit.

And finally Mike had a chemistry experiment with him to explore the relationship of pressure and boiling points of liquid. I was fascinated by this as I have never seen it done before. The discussions surrounding it was fantastic thanks in part to Steve. We got into all sorts of topics including vacuums and blackholes. Thanks again to Mike for expanding the areas of expertise.

Much of the time was spent in smaller groups discussing everything under the sun. I could feel the information flowing. Very cool stuff! Hope to see more new faces next month.

Congrats to Larry, Basicdays, and DW5304 for winning this month’s free junk giveaway!