Hyper-v User rights assignment

So if your like most admin’s you and have a bunch of Support staff some times its just easier to give them access to hyper-v then to have them wait for the admin to complete a simple task (ex.make a snapshot). The only issue with this is the fact they can do things we don’t want… for instance turn a machine off reboot change settings like nics along w/ creating new machines. So i went looking and apparently there is a way to restrict this so this post goes to show how we can.

Assigning Rights to hyper-v
Open mmc.exe

Click file then add/remote snap-in

Select authorization manager and hit add and ok

Then right click on Open Authorization Store….

Select XML file then hit browse

Goto \\Server_name\c$\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Hyper-V\ and select InitialStore.xml

Then hit ok

Role Assignments
Select the Role we want to assign in this case its Administrator

Right click and click assign User and Groups then select from Windows and Active Directory…

Enter username you want to assign rights to. And hit ok

That user will now have admin rights.

Creating New Role Definitions
(what rights does this group have?)
Expand intialstore.xml -> Hyper-v services ->Definitions ->Role Definitions

Right click Role definitions and click new role Definitions

Then enter a name and click add…

Select Operations tab

Then add what rights you want that role to have by checking the checkbox and hitting ok, ok.

Now that we have a new role definitions created now we need to create role assignments see role assignments Section.

Role Assignments
Right click create new role assignment

Select what role that’s been defined

And hit ok

Now we need to add user into this group see Role Assignments

WDS Mananger on windows 8

Apparently Microsoft did not include WDS manager with there server 2012 RSAT (Remote Server Administration Tools) once again…
to enable remote wds control place the fallowing script in a batchfile and run batchfile.bat wdsservername

copy \\%1\c$\windows\system32\WdsMgmt.msc c:\windows\system32\WdsMgmt.msc
copy \\%1\c$\windows\system32\en-US\WdsMgmt.msc c:\windows\system32\en-US\WdsMgmt.msc
copy \\%1\c$\windows\system32\wdsmgmt.dll c:\windows\system32\wdsmgmt.dll
copy \\%1\c$\windows\system32\en-US\wdsmgmt.dll.mui c:\windows\system32\en-US\wdsmgmt.dll.mui
copy \\%1\c$\windows\system32\WdsImage.dll c:\windows\system32\WdsImage.dll
copy \\%1\c$\windows\system32\en-US\WdsImage.dll.mui c:\windows\system32\en-US\WdsImage.dll.mui
copy \\%1\c$\windows\system32\wdscsl.dll c:\windows\system32\wdscsl.dll
copy \\%1\c$\windows\system32\wdstptc.dll c:\windows\system32\wdstptc.dll
copy \\%1\c$\windows\system32\WdsTptMgmt.dll c:\windows\system32\WdsTptMgmt.dll
copy \\%1\c$\windows\system32\en-US\WdsTptMgmt.dll.mui c:\windows\system32\en-US\WdsTptMgmt.dll.mui
copy \\%1\c$\windows\system32\wdsmmc.dll c:\windows\system32\wdsmmc.dll
copy \\%1\c$\windows\system32\en-US\wdsmmc.dll.mui c:\windows\system32\en-US\wdsmmc.dll.mui
regsvr32 WdsMgmt.dll
regsvr32 WdsTptMgmt.dll
regsvr32 WdsMmc.dll

once you do its now possible to remotely manage wds servers in your network by typing WdsMgmt.msc in search.

dc414.org now hosting a tor exit node!!

dc414 is now hosting a tor exit node on our main server!! That’s two nodes running full time under the dc414 banner!

Here is the info on the tor server on dc414 – http://torstatus.blutmagie.de/router_detail.php?FP=0df6b76f92abbad09dfef4f2e3748c9ad75fe12c

Here is the info on the tor server I run from my house – http://torstatus.blutmagie.de/router_detail.php?FP=D6859BFF04AD1267DFC7B5646ED2A304B824FC21

I hope others follow our lead and set up exit nodes where ever they can! Got one running now? Comment to this post or send it in to us and we will drink a beer in your honor, for a job well done!

For the cause!

As some of you might know I run a Tor exit relay from my home connection. I got this in the mail the other day:

Hello and welcome to Tor!

We’ve noticed that your Tor node dc414 has been running long enough to be flagged as “stable”. First, we would like to thank you for your contribution to the Tor network! As Tor grows, we require ever more nodes to improve browsing speed and reliability for our users. Your node is helping to serve the millions of Tor clients out there.

As a node operator, you may be interested in the Tor Weather service, which sends important email notifications when a node is down or your version is out of date. We here at Tor consider this service to be vitally important and greatly useful to all node operators. If you’re interested in Tor Weather, please visit the following link to register:


You might also be interested in the tor-announce mailing list, which is a low volume list for announcements of new releases and critical security updates. To join, visit the following address:


Additionally, since you are running as an exit node, you might be interested in Tor’s Legal FAQ for Relay Operators (https://www.torproject.org/eff/tor-legal-faq.html.en) and Mike Perry’s blog post on running an exit node (https://blog.torproject.org/blog/tips-running-exit-node-minimal-harassment).

Thank you again for your contribution to the Tor network! We won’t send you any further emails unless you subscribe.

Disclaimer: If you have no idea why you’re receiving this email, we sincerely apologize! You shouldn’t hear from us again.

Yay my node is now stable!! Now we just need to get one running on the dc414 server 🙂