Get Your Raffle Tickets!

The super awesome genero donated a box of goodies to dc414 and we decided to raffle the entire box off at the next meeting. Tickets are $20 each, or three for $50. The more you buy the better your chances of winning are! You can secure your tickets now by clicking the donate link on the right (make sure to include your contact information) or get them at the next meeting.

We will be raffling the goodies off next meeting.

Here is a list of what’s inside:
RadioShack scanner radio, needs 12v power supply – img
Fiber to Ethernet converter – img
Finger print reader – img
PC fan still in the box – img
Bluetooth Mouse – img
Cisco Wifi antenna – img
Cable box – img
belkin video switch – img
LAN cable tester – img
IP Camera with two way audio – img
cell jammer, broken power button – img
PS3 camera – img
Linksys switch, needs power supply – img
InFocus projector, MIGHT need bulb – img
Slingbox, needs to be reset – img
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.33Ghz 4M Cache 1333Mhz FSB – img
Veo PTZ IP Camera x2 – img
Ethernet card for desktop – img
Parallax Basic module – img
Wireless Ethernet Bridge, needs reset – img
Linksys WAP, needs power supply – img
VX-5 ham radio, needs new batteries, charger, and antenna – img
Dlink ip cam x2 – img

That is a lot of stuff for just 20 bucks, but you can’t win with out a ticket so be sure to get yours and have a chance to walk away with that treasure trove of electronics!

Arduino Windows Attack Tool

A few meetings back I demoed my Arduino Windows attack tool. The Arduino and shield emulate a keyboard when plugged into a PC. Once triggered it opens the DOS edit program, writes some vbscript to a file called go.vbs, then runs it using wscript. The script downloads a payload from a web server. In the case of the demo it was a reverse shell that connects back to a nc listener from msf. I got the idea from the Social-Engineering Toolkit Teensy USB HID Attack but I dont have/want a teensy so I looked and looked for an Arduino version but all I could find was a USB keyboard lib, so my value add was porting it to the Arduino.

Here is the USB lib I used.

Here is the schematic for the shield: *I added a button on pin 12

Here is the code for the Arduino:

And there you have it, my Arduino Windows attack tool. Its a little messy and hacked together, but it works. Enjoy 🙂

Many thanx to SilkyPantsDan, Rancid Bacon, and Practical Arduino

3D Printer Fund

There has been a lot of buzz about 3D printers over the last year.  Prices are coming down and resolution has been increasing.  Klaiviel, our resident lockpicking guru, is attempting to start a business around it.  We feel that DC414 as a whole needs their hands on this technology.  We’re starting a 3D printer fund starting now.

There are many options to go with but we want to get the ball rolling while research is happening in parallel.  Price range we’re looking at is between $500 and $1,000 for quality printers.

This won’t happen without help from people like you.   Once purchases / assembled / hacked, our goal is to make the printer accept jobs from online. We’d queue up jobs and have a webcam feed to view progress when printing remotely.   Notifications would be sent out to the author upon start, completion, and possibly other metrics we can get out of the printer.

  • Donate $25+ gets you free stickers
  • Donate $50+ gets you a free shirt
  • Donate $100+ gets you free prints for 6 months
  • Donate $150+ gets you free prints and priority for 6 months

Any size donation gets you on the thank you list.

As of now we have $233 in the fund.  Make your donation now (look to the right) and lets get this ball rolling.

June meeting recap

June’s meeting was great! More new faces, lots of beer, and plenty of pizza 🙂 Ngharo got things started by making a few announcements like our new VPN that is available for donating members, and asking everyone what they are hacking ATM and what they wanna hack next. I was up next and talked about the new server and some of the sections of the site. Then Ulic gave us all the 411 on the Flamer virus sweeping the middle east and some of its unique features. dw5304 took over and gave a sweet demo on how to hack/mod the xbox360, complete with code and points of solder. We got some great pictures this time thanx to cmoney which you can view here. Congrats to nikto, Tony, and Ulic for winning the dc414 free junk giveaway.

Here is nikto and his dc414 junk 🙂